d100 Trinket
01 An old Dwemer schematic
02 A coin from an old civilization, like Yokuda or the Ayleids
03 A troll skull painted blue
04 A container of Dunmer ashes that whispers in tongues
05 A well polished platter made of Limeware
06 A used Welkynd stone
07 A small statuette of Clavicus Vile without Barbas present
08 A pair of calipers with a Khajitti name engraved in them
09 A broken piece of a soul gem
10 A bug in a jar with a strange inscription on it
11 An old, ruined book that cannot be opened
12 A small frost atronach statuette that is cold to the touch
13 A fake key styled to look like the Skeleton Key
14 A cheese board engraved with laughing and screaming faces
15 A small painting of a cow
16 A branch from a Hist tree
17 A skooma pipe made of Daedric metal
18 A canah feather
19 A set of miniature Akaviri soldier models, beautifully painted
20 A small, glowing, white stone ball
21 A map of Tamriel with Solstheim, Stros M’Kai, and Arateum missing
22 A small sculpture of a glyptodon that cries real tears sometimes
23 A necklace made of goblin, riekling, and riekr ears
24 An orichalcum model of Malacath with opposable joints
25 The eye of a Draugr
26 A bar of ebony with stars painted on it
27 An old stone tablet that says “Watch The Sky” on it in several languages
28 A map of a small labyrinth
29 A skeever’s foot on a chain
30 A scroll case shaped like the White-Gold tower
31 A bright red Colovian fur helm
32 A potted plant that looks like a spriggan’s head
33 A copy of “A Kiss, Sweet Mother” that is unreadable due to red stains on every page
34 A map of your home providence, but instead of towns and landmarks, blacksmith shops are marked
35 An old Altmer tea set
36 A 17-sided vase with each Daedric Prince painted on it
37 A bracelet made of horker leather and teeth
38 A werewolf claw dipped in silver on a leather cord
39 A jar of vampire teeth
40 A small statue of a Khajiit that changes furstock depending on the phases of the moons
41 A jeweled Argonian eggshell
42 A bar of scented sload soap
43 A ring that slips off of everyone’s finger except yours
44 A scrap of tapestry from a Breton castle
45 A recipe for Kwama egg quiche that uses ingredients you’ve never heard of
46 A small emblem of Julianos that solves math problems when screamed at and shaken
47 A book from an era that has not occurred yet
48 A dented Nord helmet
49 A moth priest’s old blindfold
50 A Bosmer arrowhead made of sharpened timber mammoth bone
51 A severed mudcrab claw that occasionally tries to pinch things
52 A patella with an arrowhead stuck in it
53 A gold and ruby lump shaped like a sweetroll, possibly stolen
54 A map of the Imperial city, but all the streets and buildings are wrong
55 A vial of sand from Hammerfell that is always hot to the touch
56 An incorrectly made and unusable spell tome
57 Well worn legionnaire boots
58 A golden statue of Dibella
59 An old recruitment poster for the Fighter’s Guild
60 An adorable stuffed vvardvark that squeaks when squeezed
61 A glass fishing hook
62 A set of tattered and fragmented instructions on how to do the fishstick
63 A small scale model of Baar Dau that floats an inch above the groun
64 A locket containing a dragon’s scale
65 A Yokudan starstone
66 A fake dragon priest’s mask
67 An old wanted poster for The Gray Fox
68 A book made of random pages torn from other books
69 A signed and uncensored copy of The Real Barenziah
70 A stone rune with two dots and a line on it
71 A bit of bark cut from a sacred tree
72 A small hourglass with two models of Akatosh inside
73 A helmet shaped like a guar’s skull
74 A black pillow stuffed with hagraven feathers
75 A stone with an inscription in dovahzul, it reads “Sinak Ko Nunon” or another nonsensical phrase
76 A statue of Mephala that always seems to be covered in cobwebs
77 A ruby brooch that glows faintly when it touches blood
78 A Dwemer puzzle box
79 A charred dragonguard helm
80 A steel cooking pan engraved with images of a battle
81 A clay chalice that always spills when full, unless it is filled with very expensive wine
82 A Maormer waterskin made from porpoise leather
83 A taxidermied chub loon
84 A quiver shaped like an angry slaughterfish
85 A wooden toy shortsword enchanted to produce small amounts of strawberry jam whenever it hits a living creature
86 A jammed hunting trap with skeever bones stuck in the mechanisms
87 A bag of small toy soldiers and siege engines
88 A blanket made of senche-tiger skin
89 An incomplete costume set for performing the role of Lifts-Her-Tail from "The Lusty Argonian Maid"
90 A very sad looking taxidermied goat head labeled “Riften’s Finest”
91 A Dremora’s mummified left foot
92 An ancient Nedic sword pommel
93 A ship in a bottle modeled after Jorrvaskr
94 A jar of Spider Daedra webbing
95 A risque sketch of a Daedroth leaning over a bed
96 A signed and bloodstained vosh ball from a great athlete
97 The deed to a mead hall in Atmora
98 A hand mirror that shows your reflection in reverse
99 A ring made from a coin’s rim
100 A bust of Fargoth, a Bosmer from Seyda Neen