PT:Order of the Ansei


Playtest Material

This class is currently being previewed for the next update of the Basic Rules.

Sai Sehan, master of the blade, an Ansei

Order of the Ansei

The Order of the Ansei sacrifices the breadth of knowledge other mystics gain to focus on a specific psionic technique, known as the shehai. These mystics learn to manifest a deadly weapon of pure psychic energy that they can use to cleave through foes.

Ansei, wielders of shehai, or spirit swords, vary widely in their approach to this path. Some follow it out of a desire to achieve martial perfection. Others are pacifists who seek greater enlightenment and control over oneself.

Order of the Ansei Features
Level Feature
1st Restriction: Redguards Only, Bonus Discipline, Martial Training, Spirit Sword
3rd Hone the Blade
6th Consumptive Sword, Extra Attack
14th Phantom Blade

Restriction: Redguards Only

Only redguards can follow the Order of the Ansei. In the world of Nirn, Redguards closely protect the secrets of sword-singing.

Your GM can lift this restriction to better suit the campaign. The restriction exists for Nirn. It might not apply to your GM's setting or your GM's version, or era of the Elder Scrolls.

Bonus Discipline

1st-level Order of the Ansei feature

You learn one additional psionic discipline of your choice. It must be chosen from among the Ansei disciplines.

Martial Training

1st-level Order of the Ansei feature

You gain proficiency with medium armor and long blades, if you don’t already have either.

Spirit Sword

1st-level Order of the Ansei feature

You gain the ability to manifest a luminous blade of psychic energy. As a bonus action, you create a scintillating sword of energy that projects from your grip. You can’t hold anything in your hand while manifesting this blade, and has the two-handed prosperity. You can dismiss it as a bonus action, and it disappears if you're incapacitated. The blade cannot leave your grip without first dismissing it, and you cannot be disarmed by non-magical means.

For you, the spirit sword is a mystic melee weapon with a reach of 5 feet. It deals 1d8 force damage on a hit. You use your discipline modifier for attack and damage rolls for your spirit sword.

As a bonus action, you can prepare to use the blade to parry; you gain a +2 bonus to your AC until the start of your next turn or until you are incapacitated.

Hone the Blade

3rd-level Order of the Ansei feature

When you summon the spirit sword, you can spend additional psi points to augment your spirit sword’s attack rolls and damage (no action required). You gain a bonus to attack and damage rolls with your spirit sword depending on the number of psi points spent (up to your psi point limit), as shown on the table below. This bonus lasts for 10 minutes.

Psi Points Attack and Damage Rolls
2 +1
4 +2
6 +3

Consumptive Sword

6th-level Order of the Ansei feature

Whenever you slay an enemy creature with an Intelligence score of 6 or higher with a spirit sword attack, you immediately regain 1 psi point.

Extra Attack

6th-level Order of the Ansei feature

You can attack twice, instead of once, whenever you take the Attack action on your turn. Moreover, you can use one of your talents in place of one of those attacks.

Phantom Blade

14th-level Order of the Ansei feature

You can make an attack that phases through most defenses. As an action, you can expend 3 psi points to make one attack with your spirit sword. Treat the target’s AC as 10 against this attack, regardless of the target’s actual AC.