LGtC:Way of the Hidden Motives

A Dunmer Hidden Motive monk's mind is an iron fortress

Way of the Hidden Motives

Monks of the Way of the Hidden Motives are masters of espionage and disguise. A cloak and dagger are for those who hide in the shadows, whereas monks of this path are experts at hiding in plain sight, learning secrets to sell to those they work for. They learn spy techniques, means of extracting information, and covering their trail in ways that others are not capable of.

Way of the Hidden Motives Features
Level Feature
3rd Methods of the Deceiver, Lock Breaker
6th Uncovering Motives, Method of Aid
11th Slippery Foe
17th Mental Extraction

Methods of the Deceiver

3rd-level Way of the Hidden Motives feature

You gain proficiency in the Deception skill and with the disguise kit. In addition, you can mimic the speech of another person provided that you speak the same language and have heard the person speaking for at least 1 minute. A successful Willpower (Insight) check contested by your Personality (Deception) check allows a suspicious listener to determine that the effect is faked.

Additionally, you gain advantage on Personality (Deception) checks when talking to members of a faction, guild, or organization while you are disguised as a member of that same group.

Lock Breaker

3rd-level Way of the Hidden Motives feature

You are familiar with the mechanisms of locks and can open them by delivering a pinpoint strike. You can make an unarmed attack against a lock and if your attack roll meets or exceeds the DC required to pick the lock, it silently breaks.

Uncovering Motives

6th-level Way of the Hidden Motives feature

Your training down this path has led you to uncovering the best ways to learn the motives, secrets, and abilities of your quarries. You can use a bonus action and expend 1 stamina point to gain advantage on Willpower (Insight) checks, and attribute checks made to accomplish any of the following challenges:
◈ Intimidate a target into giving you information
◈ Pick a pocket
◈ Investigate an area

Method of Aid

6th-level Way of the Hidden Motives feature

You can spend 1 stamina point to use the Help action as a reaction when a creature that you can see within 15 feet of you makes an attribute check, attack roll, or saving throw. If the creature succeeds on their roll, you gain temporary hit points equal to your Willpower modifier for the next hour.

Slippery Foe

11th-level Way of the Hidden Motives feature

Breaking a hold and slipping out of your enemies grasp comes as second nature to you. By learning how to break these means you have also learned how to prevent them from being broken, gaining advantage on attempts to grapple a creature.

Grapple Breaker. You can spend 1 stamina point to gain advantage on a roll to break a grapple. If you succeed on breaking this grapple, you can immediately use Flurry of Blows against the creature as a reaction.

Escapism. When you take damage from a melee attack, you can use your reaction and spend 1 stamina point to move up to half your movement instantly. While moving in this way, opportunity attacks made against you have disadvantage.

Mental Extraction

17th-level Way of the Hidden Motives feature

You master the ability to extract information. You can spend 2 stamina point while making an unarmed strike against a humanoid creature. On a hit, the attack deals no damage but the target must make a Willpower saving throw. On a failed save, the humanoid's memories of the last 1 minute are forgotten, including the strike. This can only be done against a humanoid that does not consider you a hostile threat. On a success, the target is immune to this ability for 24 hours. You can increase the time the creature forgets by another minute for every additional stamina point expended.