Tamriel is a magical place filled with skilled enchanters and artificers, capable of crafting the finest magic items. Artifacts of the Daedra and Divines are bestowed upon their most loyal champions. In Cyrodiil, it’s common for many shopkeepers to have one or two magical items for sale. In a world with arcane universities teaching students the traditions of enchanting and with guilds offering enchanting services to anyone with the gold to spare, magic items in Tamriel are a common commodity for adventurers.

The following section provides you with a myriad of magic items for use in your adventures in the province of Skyrim, and the rest of Tamriel. The list includes items of all rarities, ranging from common to world-changing artifacts, which are presented at the end of the Chapter. Note that Daedric Artifacts are considered separate from Artifacts. All the items use the magic items rules found in the core rule books.

Magic Items

This section presents an assortment of common and magic items in alphabetical order. See the 5e Core Rules for the rules on magic items.


This section presents some of the most powerful artifacts in Tamriel, some of which were created by the Divines or Daedric Princes. See the 5e Core Rules for the rules on artifacts and the relevant Artifact Properties tables to determine the random beneficial properties.