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Always the life of the party, a Reveler shines in the presence of others, and uses their good sense of merriment and cheer to embolden those around them. Priests of this calling make it their life's work to always provide something to celebrate and will push themselves to their physical limits if needed to keep up. Whether followers of Dibella, goddess of love, art, and music, or Sanguine, the Daedric Prince of hedonism, a Reveler ensures that there is never a dull moment.

Reveler Features
Level Feature
1st Calling Spells, Festive Vitality
2nd Channel Divinty: Merrymaker
6th Rousing Jubilation
8th Potent Spellcasting
17th Spirit of Invigoration

Calling Spells

1st-level Reveler feature

You gain calling spells at the priest levels listed in the Reveler Calling Spells table. See the Divine Calling class feature for how calling spells work.

Reveler Calling Spells
Priest Level Spells
1st color spray, disguise self
3rd mirror image, suggestion
5th beacon of hope, hypnotic pattern
7th compulsion, confusion
9th animate objects, awaken

Festive Vitality

1st-level Reveler feature

You gain advantage on Endurance saving throws to resist poison and becoming Intoxicated, and you gain resistance to poison damage. Additionally, you always have the protection from poison spell prepared and it doesn’t count against the total number of spells you have prepared.

Channel Divinty: Merrymaker

2nd-level Reveler feature

You can use your Channel Divinity to invigorate all who see you. A number of creatures equal to your Willpower attribute modifier (minimum 1) within 60 feet of you, that can both see and hear your prayer, gains 2d10 temporary hit points.

Rousing Jubilation

6th-level Reveler feature

Whenever you roll for initiative, you can immediately use your reaction to encourage your allies. You and any number of creatures of your choice that can see and hear you have advantage on all saving throws and attribute checks during the first round of combat.

Potent Spellcasting

8th-level Reveler feature

You add your Willpower modifier to the damage you deal with any priest cantrip.

Spirit of Invigoration

17th-level Reveler feature

When a creature within 15 feet of you fails a death saving throw, you can use your reaction to force the creature to reroll the saving throw. The target must use the result of the second roll. Alternatively, whenever an ally within 15 feet of you becomes stable, you can use your reaction to restore 1 hit point and grant 2d10 temporary hit points to the target.

Once a creature gains the benefits of this feature, it must finish a long rest before it can do so again.