LGtC:Legionnaire's Guide to Cyrodiil

The Forgotten Hero overlooks the besieged Imperial City with an army poised to retake the Ruby Throne.


Legionnaire's Guide to Cyrodiil part 1 is available. Part 1 is player facing, with new subclass options, fractions and backgrounds to make the most of a game set within Cyrodiil.

Part 2 is still under final review, and will be entirely GM facing. Elements of Part 2 have been added to the wiki for early preview and are subject to change.

Welcome to the Gold Coast

"It's our natural barriers that keep us safe, mostly. Mountain borders north and east, open sea to the west, and bogs and rainforest to south."

―Adamus Phillida

The Gold Coast has always served as the Empire of Cyrodiil's gateway to the Abecean Sea. The picturesque area is a wonderful destination for travelers that seek the most interesting sights in Cyrodiil and enjoy the fine weather and sandy yellow beaches of Anvil. With bright sun and clear waves, the Gold Coast enjoys a pleasant climate fueled by warmer currents from the Abecean Sea. It offers a verdant paradise perfect for a hearty sort looking for true adventure.

The chapters of this book will detail many of the creatures, items, and magic that can be found throughout all of Cyrodiil, but the details of particular locales are focused on the Gold Coast.

The Gateway to an Empire

The seat of power to many empires, Cyrodiil has been considered a gem since its discovery by the Aldmeri of Summerset. When the Ayleids fled their homeland to the then jungled wilds of Cyrodiil, much of the land was primal, raw, and untouched by mer or man. This new land would be the crowning jewel for eras to come. A sign of power and the foundation of Empires for the future of all of Tamriel.

Nestled within the center of Tamriel, Cyrodiil has always been a highly sought after region since the settlement of the Ayleids during the Merethic Era. The region is lush, temperate, and considerably mild. Cyrodiil is made up of several smaller environments. To the west, the Great Forest cradles and protects the Imperial City, the Colovian Highlands border Hammerfell, and the glimmering Gold Coast connects the western shorelines. The Nibenay Basin dominates much of the central province, while the expansive countryside of the West Weald leads into the swampy Blackwood to the south. The Jerall Mountains of the north separates the heartland from Skyrim, and the Valus Mountains to the east borders Morrowind.

This province's vast wealth is laid in its fertile fields, it’s numerous waterways, and its centralized positioning within Tamriel. Unlike much of its neighboring regions, Cyrodiil is quite hospitable for all people. While not as paradisaical as the Summerset Isles, Cyrodiil offers a vast array of landscapes from the oaks of the Great Forest to the vast vineyards of the West Weald.


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