LGtC:Faction: Gold Coast Trading Co.


“I love wandering the merchant stalls. Examining all the goods that we helped bring to the Gold Coast. I get a certain amount of pleasure from experiencing the result of all my paperwork and negotiations.”

-Dobias Sophus

The Gold Coast Trading Company is a flourishing mercantile organization that looks after a broad array of business interests. Mostly known for trading general goods, trinkets, and supplies, the Company also deals in weaponry, armor, and adventuring gear and have unique partnerships with various guilds and businesses. Sometimes their ventures are a bit unorthodox, secretly trading in exotic creatures from far off regions—such as Craglorn—resulting in confrontations with officials. Despite their somewhat mixed reputation, and sometimes unwelcome notoriety, the Company continues to supply Tamrielic citizens with all kinds of products. Spices from Elsweyr. Curios imported from Vvardenfell. They are even renowned for the stalls and kiosks that they hire to others.

Inside the Company

What started as a conglomerate of small-time merchants and craftsmen, the Gold Coast Trading Company has grown to be one of Cyrodiil's most prominent and lucrative enterprises.This growth, however, has not gone unchallenged. Other trading guilds, like the East Empire Trading Company, strive to conquer the market. With their main office set in Anvil, where the organization finds its origin, they have branched out with expeditions to other provinces in order to find new merchandise and to establish new outposts. Through innovative trade routes and persuasive propositions, the Company tries to maintain a foothold in the Tamrielic economy. The Company's true leaders are the major shareholders, who each own a significant part of the business through their lucrative investments. Savvy investors and cunning magnates, these high ranking members ensure everything is written and eternalized in their statutes. They have little room for those who seek to bring chaos into their ranks. Almost all rules imaginable, including the power of both the members and the shareholders, as well as the policies for setting up trade, have been written down and codified. This bureaucratic form of organization makes for sharp division of tasks and clearly defined functions of their members, however daunting the concerning paperwork might be.

Because of this, the authoritarian members of the Company are usually very sharp, ensuring their victories through the loopholes and blind spots in the rules or Imperial laws. Some members within the Company have sought out deregulations, causing a schism with those that seek only to uphold the structure as it is. This internal conflict has created interesting opportunities for intrigue and deception, as members will sometimes get their hands dirty to climb the corporate ladder. However lawful the Company may seem to associates and outsiders, there are always those that believe beneficial trade and far-reaching connections are simply not enough.


In short, the Company's main ambition is profit. Through trade, acquisition, and innovation, the Gold Coast Trading Company competes for the dominant market share in order to gain the largest sums of gold. They may achieve this by investing in expeditions for rare goods and items, enforcing their dominance upon freelance merchants not yet committed to the Company, and the general expansion of their sphere of influence. The members of the Company are eager to get their hands on the newest products to prove they are worthy of promotion and therefore, better compensation. There are some who wish to see the Company freed from bureaucracy and the shareholders to achieve the optimal environment for free trade and soaring profits. Unfortunately for their cause, the shareholders still decide on the course set by the company. In an ideal world, the Company wants to monopolize their trade and see their earnings rise as citizens from all over Tamriel buy their goods. Their primary goal is cold, measurable, and calculated: gold.

Company Characters

Alignment: Usually neutral, sometimes lawful
Suggested Classes: Bard, nightblade, rogue, thief
If the following sentences describe you, you might enjoy playing a character who belongs to the Gold Coast Company:
◈ You like to promote trade and strike deals.
◈ You hope to solve problems using wit and guile.
◈ You respect hierarchy.
◈ Intrigue, deception, and creating partnerships has a special appeal to you.


As a new trader, you have to understand the true value of gold, and you are expected to know that spending it is sometimes necessary to make more of it. You might have started your time with the Company sweeping floors around the shop, calling out sales in the marketplace, or handing out pamphlets on the streets. It’s possible you’ve been doing this since you could hold a broom, especially if you’ve been born into the guild, serving a family business. Interns at the Company start at the bottom of the organization, needing to make a name for yourself by aiding your superiors in their endeavors. Depending on your skills, you might fit into different roles in the guild.


Every asset within the company is worth protecting, and there is never a shortage of work for those that can. You might be the muscle who collects debt payments from the guilds clients, or you might need to intimidate those who have fallen behind. Every now

and then, assets need to be guarded during transport, and you might be along for the ride. Fighters and thieves typically meet these expectations, especially those with the Assault or Ruffian archetype.


Those with a silver tongue (most likely bards and rogues, or nightblades that have focused on illusion spells) have a knack for getting what they want. If you are more suited for social encounters than combat, you might be best suited behind a desk or with a contract in one hand and a quill in the other.


There is a well-defined hierarchy in the guild which means that you will be working for someone else and that there will always be someone higher up the ladder than you. As a member of the Gold Coast Trading Company, you are always on the lookout for new contracts to raise your status in the guild. You will be expected to do whatever it takes to make new connections and agreements. That could mean dealing with less desirable people, dealing with bandit lords, or disrupting the work of the Company's rivals.


A party that fully consists of members of the Company might oversee the construction of new outposts or be sent to important diplomatic gatherings with influential society. Agents and infiltrators (thieves and rogues) are perfect for gaining intelligence and stealing secrets from competitors. Hucksters (bards) can bring in the business with their pitches, while protectors and bodyguards (warriors and barbarians) can keep merchandise safe.

Rank and Renown

A strict hierarchy is important to the Gold Coast Trading Company and roles are clearly defined in the many documents outlining the organizational structure. Pressure is placed on its members to continually strive to increase their own status and compete with their colleagues with the same ambition used against outside competitors.


Prerequisite: Spellcasting or Night Magic class feature

For you, the spells on the Gold Coast Trading Company Spells table are added to the spell list of your spellcasting class. (If you are a multiclass character with multiple spell lists, these spells are added to all of them.)

Company Spells
Spell Level Spells
Cantrip mending, message
1st charm person, identify
2nd arcane lock, knock
3rd sending, tongues
4th arcane eye, compulsion
5th modify memory, telekinesis


Prerequisite: Renown 3 or higher in the Gold Coast Trading Company

When you have proven yourself to be a reliable employee of the guild, you are provided with a kiosk or cart under the company's name to sell goods that have been provided for you. As a trader, you’re starting to become well-practiced in estimating the value of goods and objects, due to the Company's strict policies on quality control, and you can generally ascertain the value of most items with some accuracy. As long as you spend at least one week each month selling wares from your kiosk or on your travels, after the company’s cut of the profits, you earn a salary that supports you at a modest lifestyle.


Prerequisite: Renown 3 or higher in the Gold Coast Trading Company

Looking after a small shop isn’t ideal for everyone, especially not you. You prefer to take a hands-on approach to making sure the business has what it needs to keep competitive. Instead of running a kiosk in a city or outpost, you help those that do by running errands, procuring special goods or escorting precious cargo.


Prerequisite: Rank 1 and Renown 10 or higher in the Gold Coast Trading Company

When you become a sales associate of the Gold Coast Trading Company, you have become respected enough to move away from the outdoor markets and find yourself a new home in one of the respected Company stores. In this role, you are part of a team that assists the merchant that heads the business. You have also become more familiar with the volatile world of trade, allowing you to recognize opportunities and pick up on rumors at inns and taverns that others might miss. The Company also allows you to make use of their contacts which can provide information, air, or even discounts at certain stores or guilds. An oddjob at this rank might continue what they do, but supplying and servicing the store instead. You might also spend time working in the warehouses and stockpiles. Your promotion will supply you with an income worthy of a comfortable lifestyle, provided you spend at least one week each month working for the Company.


Prerequisite: Rank 2 and Renown 25 or higher in the Company

By the time you reach this level of renown with the Gold Coast Trading Company, you have gained a reputation for yourself as a cunning merchandiser. You become proficient in one skill of your choice from Deception, Insight, or Persuasion. If you are already proficient in these skills, you can choose any skill from your class list. Your expertise has been noticed and you are eligible for a leadership position at one of the prominent Company stores. You must have the approval from an overseer to gain one of these positions, and only if there is a store available to run, which you could build yourself. While running your own store, you can afford to employ 1d4 + 1 sales associates (use the commoner stat block), who can run the store for you while you are away. Your elevated status also allows you to make use of the Company's reputation to gain entry at places where this is required, such as warehouses and local governments. Any Personality (Persuasion) check that is made to gain access is made with advantage if the reputation of the Company would hold influence. Between your adventures, you can maintain yourself at a comfortable lifestyle as a merchant.


Prerequisite: Rank 3 and Renown 50 or higher in the Gold Coast Trading Company

Famous for your negotiating skills and ability to strike a deal, you are known both inside and out of the Company for your continued success. You are now in waiting for a new venture capital deal to go through to be put in charge of your own partnership. As new sales divisions or outposts rarely open, it is likely that you must wait for another overseer to retire, or find the investments needed to expand the reach of the Gold Coast Trading Company on your own. As an overseer, you are responsible for directing the success of several businesses under your care. You manage 1d6 + 1 merchants (use the noble stat block), who in turn have 3d12 sales associates split among them to assist with the day to day business. Your increased prestige gains you access to guild events and political audiences where you can influence policy and new endeavors. You also become increasingly familiar with the black market, where all sorts of services are offered. You may deal with criminal contacts as you please, but you may never besmirch the Company's image.

Between your adventures, you can now maintain yourself at a wealthy lifestyle as an overseer of the Gold Coast Trading Company.


Prerequisite: Renown 50 or higher in the Gold Coast Trading Company

You are eligible to purchase shares to the Gold Coast Trading Company, as they become available. As a shareholder, you gain the privilege to speak with other shareholders and high ranking members of the Gold Coast Trading Company. You also gain significant influence over the decisions made and could possibly sway the course of the company. The more shares one has, the more power they have to control the company’s direction.


The Gold Coast Trading Company strives to be on good terms with as many people, guilds, and factions as possible to maximize the possibilities of trade. It is impossible to strike deals with the other guilds and exploit their needs for profit if the Company is in poor standing with them. The Company does its best to stay in good stature with most of the authorities, since they are known to supply both rulers and governments with wine and weaponry in their time of need. They try to keep their deals with the Arena, Fighters Guild, and Mages Guild out in the open, where they can benefit from the public knowledge, but try their best to hide any dealings with the Thieves Guild or other less ethical institutions. However objective the company tries to be, there are always those who feel disadvantaged by them. The company's reputation is celebrated, although it is far from spotless. There are some who try to bring to light the company’s deep-rooted issues so that they may come to fall. The Gold Coast Trading Company has a far-reaching network of mercenary companies, diplomats and aristocrats alike to aid them in their purpose of generating wealth for their customers, members, but especially their shareholders. From tax cuts to contracts, the Company makes sure to have these kinds of arrangements in order.