LGtC:Faction: Arena


"You'll face whatever I can pull together for the day's events, and even I don't often know what that'll be much in advance. Criminals, heretics, wild beasts. If you can't roll with the punches, at least leap to your grave. The crowd loves that."

—Arena Master Codus ap Dugal

What started off as a mere dream of Gaiden Shinji, the Blademaster of the Order of Diagna, has grown out to be a reality. He stated that the best techniques are passed on by the survivors and that to be the best, you have to learn from the best. These sayings form the very foundation upon which the Arena is built. Gaiden Shinji personally guided the construction of the very first arena, located in the Imperial City. Even after Gaiden fell in the war against the Orcs of Orsinium, the construction continued and was eventually finished. Indirectly inspired by Gaiden, many other initiatives to build arenas had started, but only some managed to be completed. Even today, many aspiring combatants travel from all over Cyrodiil to meet either death or glory in the Imperial City's Bloody Jewel. In Cyrodiil, the two main arenas are in Kvatch and the Imperial City, with the latter being far more grand and reserved for the best fighters of Tamriel.

Inside the Arena

Promoters of the Arena organize battles all over Tamriel—from Dragonstar to Morrowind—but the sport reserves an unmatched popularity in Cyrodiil, with arenas found in both Kvatch and The Imperial City. The arenas can be led by entrepreneurial minds or even descendants of noble families, but most times they are being led by those who are willing to run an Arena and look for suitable investors. The arena itself employs an incredible workforce and is often one of the greatest providers of industry in regions that capitalize on it. Blademasters guide and manage the fighters, while announcers and bards stir the crowd and provide commentary during the fights. Gatekeepers oversee the gambling activities and the battlematrons are in charge of logistics and are responsible for the training of the most promising gladiators that the Arena has to offer. To be given the title of Grand Champion is a privilege that most combatants aspire to achieve for themselves, but it has proven to be a difficult and deadly challenge. Arenas require scouts, stablemasters, hunters, and trappers to find and maintain the best fighters and most exciting beasts to battle. The buildings themselves need repairs, cleaning, and maintenance, work eagerly filled by those who are very happy to come near some of the arena's heroes up close. There are times when the crowd gets so wild that it’s capable of starting a grand melee on their own. But along with capable fighters comes a capable staff who is more than willing to make sure that everything is in order when it comes to announcing the next great battle.

Goals of the Arena

Every arena wants little more than to entertain the citizens of Tamriel by organizing the most exciting gladiatorial fights possible. The more notable the fight, the higher the financial gain. The arenas wish to keep their fights honest by upholding certain rule sets, although that may differ from province to province. All the while, the Arena seeks to earn masses of gold by allowing spectators to place bets on the combatants. This heightens the excitement and spectacle of the fights, as the combat determines not just the winner, but who takes a hefty pouch of Septims home and who loses it all to fate. Concerning the combatants themselves, the stakes are usually even higher. There may be some lower ranking fights that prove to be merciful, but the greatest of crowds are often drawn to the bloodiest and most gruesome battles. Though many fighters have fallen, it is in the Arena's best interest to always remember and celebrate their heroes so that their memory may live on in the tales that people tell their children. The Arena also earns incredible profits from selling merchandise and organizing events around their most esteemed champions. In the end, the Arena wants to make history through their competitions and continues to satisfy that desire with every match. Even in the darkest of times, people will always be wanting for distraction and entertainment and there are always more than enough fighters who want to bring glory to their names.

Arena Characters

Alignment. Any, but mostly lawful
Suggested Classes. Barbarian, crusader, monk, warrior
You might enjoy playing a character who fights in the Arena if one or more of the following statements are true:
◈ You live to hear the roaring of the crowd.
◈ You constantly push your physical boundaries and to truly test yourself.
◈ You fight with honor by following the rules.

Joining the Arena

Fresh Pit Dogs need to be of excellent brawn and athletics, and they must stay in peak physical condition. If any of these requirements aren't met, the fighter will probably be mauled by the first beast it encounters in the arena. The Arena looks for combatants that are apt and ambitious, who fight with honor and for glory. It is not a place for low-lives or cheaters, as they will be made short work of when caught. New combatants need to be interested in improving

their skills and abilities, rather than being over- confident and arrogant. They are encouraged to help

other fighters between battle through training and friendly skirmishes. Any drama between contenders is best kept on the pit floor, rather than having the fighters engage in conflict away from the ring. War wizards and spellcasters are welcome in the Arena’s ranks, but they seldom manage to rally the crowds the same way as those who prefer to engage in close range combats. The primary focus of the Arena is for those who like to get up close and personal. Barbarians and warriors have always been fan favorites, but a daring spellsword sometimes manages to grab some attention with their flashy martial magic. If you don't draw out a decent crowd, the Arena will most certainly stop promoting you.

How do i fit in?

As a fighter in the arena, you are always able to apply for gladiatorial battles against either creatures, monsters, or other fighters. You might be traveling from one arena to another, looking for opportunities to prove your mettle and to show fans that you are the greatest fighter around. Unlike the Fighter's Guild, the fighters of the Arena look for fame and glory rather than solving problems or helping the community. You'll find that the arena life can be isolating, as there are few that understand both the banes and benefits of the intense life that you are living.

The thrill of the fight and the roaring of the crowds are addicting enough that Arena fighters will often look for other chances to fight when there are no battles planned. They might turn to pub-fights or even a bit of mercenary work to keep their abilities honed for the next major battle. Most of the time, the fighters can be found training in the arena to improve their skills in combat. Sometimes, in the case of some Arena heroes, they can be found cajoling with their numerous fans, receiving gifts and excessive adoration. It may seem simple to some, living life in a cycle of training, fighting, eating, and sleeping. But make no mistake, even the lowest ranking battles against small- time foes can prove fatal to careless combatants.

However different their individual goals may be, fighters will often be amicable to each other and will often help those who are in need of training, for there is little need for fighting when the crowds have gone home.

An Arena party

A party that fully consists of Arena contenders might be asked to participate in a large-scale battle with a competing league. They may have a face or captain (bard or warrior) who excites the crowd, with expert fighters that make quick work of their opponents (barbarians or rogues). A combat medic or protector (crusader or spellsword) could defend, while war wizards and archers (mages and rangers) pelt down enemies from a safe distance. They might gain fame fighting as a team with a name and sigil of your choosing, rising in the ranks together as you tackle deadlier foes.

Rank and Renown

By gaining renown as a combatant in the Arena, you increase in standing and rank. Promotion throughout the ranks requires the approval of a Blademaster. Advancement is a reward for winning Arena fights and defeating worthy opponents, rather than an automatic consequence of increased renown.


Prerequisite: Spellcasting or Night Magic class feature

For you, the spells on the Arena Guild Spells table are added to the spell list of your spellcasting class. (If you are a multiclass character with multiple spell lists, these spells are added to all of them.)

Arena Guild Spells
Spell Level Spells
Cantrip true strike, vicious mockery
1st mage armor, heroism
2nd magic weapon, flame blade
3rd fortify attribute, haste
4th death ward, stoneskin
5th animate objects, flame strike


Prerequisite: Renown 3 or higher with the Arena

As Pit Dog for the Arena, you are standing at the start of a hopefully long career as a fighter. You have a lot to learn, but you have already picked up various techniques from the others. You have either won a few fights or proved yourself in the training grounds. The trainers have even begun to refer to you by name. Your training has allowed you to learn new techniques. You gain proficiency in one of the following choices: a weapon type of your choice, light armor, shields, smith’s tools, or a gaming set. After a battle, the Arena ensures that you are healthy and taken care of. If you spend a short rest with the Arena healers after a fight, you regain all of your hit points without needing to roll hit dice. You aren't supplied with a steady income, but you do get paid a modest amount after each fight.


Prerequisite: Rank 1 and Renown 10 or higher with the Arena

You have seen your share of bloodshed, but there is still a long road ahead of you. The crowd is more likely to recognize you and cheer you on and you have earned the right to wear a signature outfit or use a unique banner when entering an arena. You may have even seen your likeness on posters and playbills around town. You now get paid more after each fight, and you receive small discounts with shopkeepers that are familiar with you when buying arms or armor, hoping that you can promote their wares.


Prerequisite: Rank 2 and Renown 25 or higher with the Arena

You have proven yourself as a true competitor in the Arena, but it has left a mark on you. Due to your experience with the high tension battles of the arena, you now gain advantage on saving throws against being frightened. The Arena has recognized your skill and now pays you a retainer in addition to the money you receive for fighting. You earn a salary that is sufficient to maintain a modest lifestyle.


Prerequisite: Rank 3 and Renown 50 or higher with the Arena

All the training and fighting has not been for nothing. You are one of the highest ranking fighters in all of Tamriel and you have learned how to stir a crowd like none other. While in the arena, you gain advantage on all Performance checks made with either Strength or Personality. Additionally, you have earned the unconditional respect of an adoring fan, who follows you around and is eager to help you with anything you might need. You continue to earn a salary that is sufficient to maintain a modest lifestyle and you now get paid a large sum of Septims after each fight.


Prerequisite: Rank 4 and you must have defeated the previous Grand Champion

You have conquered all of those beneath you to become the Grand Champion of the Arena. While you are currently the best in the league, all others now have their eyes set on you. You likely spend less time fighting in the arena, but the matches you do participate in are either meant to please the crowds or take your title. Your title earns you a set of the Grand Champion's armor, custom made for you to display as a shining symbol of your glory. Additionally, you receive even larger discounts at stores when buying arms and armor and may sometimes get these wares for free. As Grand Champion, you continue to earn a salary that supports a modest lifestyle, but you are paid with a substantial amount of Septims for each appearance at the arena.


The Arena does not like to meddle with the politics of other factions and would prefer to remain an independent organization. Any enemies the Arena might have consist of a handful of people who plead that it is inhumane to lock up animals in cages, but those are very few. Although the Arena has a great network of locations suitable for battle, such as other arenas in Tamriel, and maintains great contact with their respective owners, they seldom interfere with anyone else. The Arena does keep in contact with the Fighter's Guild regularly to scout for hidden talent that is wasted on killing rodents. Otherwise, the Arena is an honest organization that values merit and valor above all else.