How To Help


Getting Involved

This is a passion project filled with an amazing community of like minded people who simply love the idea of playing in their favorite world in a way that lets them dive deeper.

There is something amazing that happens when people come together to create. After 6 years, the community has really grown, and the project has increased from the work of a single individual to dozens of people pitching ideas, providing comments, or fully creating content. Each year we try to create a community run project to bring new people in and celebrate their passions. We also have a core team of 6 people that consistently add to the project in their free time.

If you want to get involved, the best way to do so is to just do it. Join the Discord community, throw out ideas, create content and pitch it. It really is a self-driven process. We aren't always accepting new work, and it might take a while to see your stuff come to light, but that is mostly because this is a hobby project that is produced in our spare time between our jobs, schoolwork, and social lives.

The Community Creations is a great place to add new ideas and share with the community. You can see we already have a few things included, and we'd love to see this grow!

Growing the Wiki

We're still working through the Wiki because there is so much content already created that we need to include. If you would like to help, please consider a few things before jumping in.

  • If you are a skilled and experienced Wiki editor, please let us know! We need help! Each of us are kind of learning as we go, and I am sure there are plenty of ways for us to improve the experience that we just don't know about.
  • If you would like to help add things, but aren't familiar with wiki editing, please consider if that's a challenge you're up to! We started this with not much experience, but we use a lot of google searches and trial and error. If you don't know, please ask! Here are some tips to get started.
    • Start small. Try making an item or other thing that would look like something that already exists.
    • Grab the coding from an existing page and edit the different bits instead of starting from scratch.
    • Familiarize yourself with the general use of breadcrumbs, footers, tables, etc.
  • We're hoping to include all the 'official' information first, and then add on with community content. If you see something that hasn't been included yet, please feel free to add it if you are comfortable with it, but please stay true to the published work.
  • Don't change existing 'official' work (or anyone else's, for that matter). If it doesn't match the official published content, it might be an update that hasn't been tracked just yet. If something really looks off, reach out and let us know!
  • There is a section for community additions. If you'd like to add something to the project outside of the existing content, add it here. If we like it, you might see it get added somewhere. We'll make sure to reach out to you first!