Heroic Chronicle


Tamriel Heroic Chronicle

The Heroic Chronicle is a system that allows players and the Game Master to work together to build a compelling character story. It even allows characters to gain additional proficiencies, magic items, spells, or feats before the campaign begins.


To begin your character’s destiny, you must first choose which race you would like to play as. This gives the their ancestral heritage, and is not only a mechanical decision, but can lean itself to other aspects that you will choose from below. Some races have the choice of a subrace, you decide this as well when you choose or roll that race.


d10 Race
1 Altmer
2 Argonian
3 Bosmer
4 Breton
5 Dunmer
6 Imperial
7 Khajiit
8 Nord
9 Orsimer
10 Redguard


A character's story begins with determining the region where they were born, the job they had before becoming an adventurer, their social status, the settlement where they grew up, and their family relationships. As this backstory develops, the character will gain allies and rivals, as well as learn some of the fateful moments that set them on the path of adventure.


Tamriel can be divided into nine major political regions. These regions are the untamed wilderness of Black Marsh, the cosmopolitan cityscapes of Cyrodiil, the divided kingdoms of Elsweyr, the unforgiving desert of Hammerfell, the rivaling city-states of High Rock, the mythic lands of Morrowind, the harsh tundra of Skyrim, the idyllic beaches of the Summerset Isles, and the ancient wilds of Valenwood.

To determine your homeland, roll 1d100 on the Homelands table below. You may decide your character was born in one region but grew up in another. In that case, roll twice to determine the land of your birth and the land you were ultimately raised in.


d100 Region (Province)
01-11 Black Marsh
12-23 Cyrodiil
24-35 Elsweyr
36-47 Hammerfell
48-59 High Rock
60-69 Morrowind
70-79 Skyrim
80-89 Summerset Isle
90-00 Valenwood


In addition to granting you items, gold, and proficiencies, your background gives you a sense of belonging in the world.


d100 Background Source
01-16 Acolyte 5e Core Rules
17-33 Criminal/Spy 5e Core Rules
34-50 Folk Hero 5e Core Rules
51-67 Noble 5e Core Rules
68-84 Sage 5e Core Rules
85-00 Soldier 5e Core Rules

Social Status

Even in lands as free as Cyrodiil and Skyrim, most folk are trapped in their social station by forces they can’t control like wealth, family, and political power. Your story begins with you as a member of one social class, determined by your homeland and your background.

If your background isn’t listed below, roll a d4. On a roll of a 1, you gain an ally, on a 2, you gain a rival, on a 3, you gain both a rival and an ally, and on a roll of a 4, you gain neither.

Social Status Relationships (Northern Provinces)

Background High Rock Morrowind Skyrim
Acolyte 1 ally (good deity) or
1 rival (evil deity)
1 rival (evil deity) 1 rival (neutral deity)
Criminal/Spy 1 rival 1 ally 1 ally
Folk Hero 1 ally 1 rival 1 rival
Noble 1 ally
1 rival
1 ally
1 rival
1 ally
1 rival
Sage 1 rival 1 ally 1 ally
Soldier 1 ally 1 rival 1 rival

Social Status Relationships (Central Provinces)

Background Black Marsh Cyrodiil Hammerfall
Acolyte 1 ally (neutral deity) 1 ally (good deity) or
1 rival (evil deity)
Criminal/Spy 1 ally 1 rival 1 ally
Folk Hero 1 rival 1 ally 1 rival
Noble - 1 ally
1 rival
1 ally
1 rival
Sage 1 rival 1 rival -
Soldier 1 ally 1 ally 1 rival

Social Status Relationships (Southern Provinces)

Background Elsweyr Summerset Valenwood
Acolyte 1 ally (neutral deity) 1 rival (evil deity) 1 ally (neutral deity)
Criminal/Spy 1 ally 1 rival 1 ally
Folk Hero 1 rival 1 ally 1 rival
Noble 1 ally
1 rival
1 ally
1 rival
Sage 1 ally 1 rival 1 ally
Soldier 1 rival 1 ally 1 rival

Home Settlement

Once you've determined your nation and considered your social status within that realm, roll on the appropriate table to determine which settlement you grew up in. If your character is a traveler - a child of soldiers, a nomad, a traveling performer, and so forth - you can roll for up to three settlements that you've visited often and have some connections in.

Alternatively, you may have grown up within the settlement’s region. Such as having rolled the city of Cheydinhal on the Cyrodiil Settlements table, you may elect to say you grew up near Cheydinhal in the hamlet of Harm’s Folly, both of which reside within the Nibenay Basin region of Cyrodiil.

Black Marsh Settlements

d100 Settlement Name (Region) Type
01-11 Archon (Middle Argonia) Minor City
12-23 Blackrose (Murkmire) Major City
24-35 Gideon (Middle Argonia) Major City
36-47 Helstrom (Middle Argonia) Capital City
48-59 Lilmoth (Oliis Bay) Minor Port City
60-69 Murkwater (Murkmire) Port Town
70-79 Soulrest (Murkmire) Minor City
80-89 Stormhold (Shadowfen) Minor City
90-00 Thorn (Shadowfen) Minor City

Cyrodiil Settlements

d100 Settlement Name (Region) Type
01-11 Anvil (Gold Coast) Major Port City
12-23 Bravil (Nibenay Valley) Minor Port City
24-35 Bruma (Jerall Mountains) Minor City
36-47 Cheydinhal (Nibenay Basin) Minor City
48-59 Chorrol (Great Forest) Minor City
60-69 Imperial City (Heartlands) Capital Port City
70-79 Kvatch (Gold Coast) Major City
80-89 Leyawiin (Blackwood) Major Port City
90-00 Skingrad (West Weald) Major City

Elsweyr Settlements

d100 Settlement Name (Region) Type
01-11 Corinthe (Pellitine) Town
12-23 Dune (Anequina) Major City
24-35 Orcest (Anequina) Major City
36-47 Rimmen (Anequina) Capital City
48-59 Riverhold (Anequina) Town
60-69 Sanchel (Pellitine) Major Port City
70-79 The Stitches (Anequina) Town
80-89 Torval (Pellitine) Minor City
90-00 Two Moons at
Tenmar Temple (Anequina)

Hammerfell Settlements

d100 Settlement Name (Region) Type
01-11 Dragonstar (Craglorn) Town
12-23 Elinhir (Craglorn) Minor City
24-35 Hagathe (Alik’r Desert) Major Port City
36-47 Gilane (Alik’r Desert) Minor City
48-59 Rahad (Dragontail Mountains) Town
60-69 Sentinel (Alik’r Desert) Capital Port City
70-79 Skaven (Alik’r Desert) Town
80-89 Stros M’Kai (Hew’s Bane) Minor Port City
90-00 Taneth (Alik’r Desert) Minor Port City

High Rock Settlements

d100 Settlement Name (Region) Type
01-11 Betony (Glenumbra) Port Town
12-23 Camlorn (Glenumbra) Major City
24-35 Daggerfall (Glenumbra) Major Port City
36-47 Evermore (Bangkorai) Major City
48-59 Farrun (Wrothgar) Town
60-69 Jehenna (Wrothar) Town
70-79 Northpoint (Rivenspire) Minor Port City
80-89 Shornhelm (Rivenspire) Minor City
90-00 Wayrest (Stormhaven) Capital Port City

Morrowind Settlements

d100 Settlement Name (Region) Type
01-11 Ald’ruhn (Vvardenfell) Village
12-23 Balmora (Vvardenfell) Major City
24-35 Blacklight (Velothi Mountains) Major City
36-47 Ebonheart (Stonefalls) Major City
48-59 Mournhold (Deshann) Capital Port City
60-69 Naris (Deshann) Town
70-79 Necrom (Telvanni Peninsula) Town
80-89 Tear (Deshann) Major Trade City
90-00 Vivec (Vvardenfell) Capital Port City

Skyrim Settlements

d100 Settlement Name (Region) Type
01-11 Dawnstar (The Pale) Port Town
12-23 Falkreath (Falkreath Hold) Town
24-35 Markarth (The Reach) Minor City
36-47 Morthal (Hjaalmarch) Town
48-59 Riften (The Rift) Major City
60-69 Solitude (Haafingar) Capital Port City
70-79 Windhelm (Eastmarch) Major Port City
80-89 Winterhold (Winterhold) Town
90-00 Whiterun (Whiterun Hold) Minor City

Summerset Isles Settlements

d100 Settlement Name (Region) Type
01-11 Alinor (Summerset Isle) Capital Port City
12-23 Cloudrest (Summerset Isle) Major City
24-35 Dusk (Summerset Isle) Minor Port City
36-47 Firsthold (Aurdion) Major Port City
48-59 Lillandril (Summerset Isle) Minor City
60-69 Shimmerene (Summerset Isle) Major Port City
70-79 Skywatch (Aurdion) Minor Port City
80-89 Sunhold (Summerset) Major City
90-00 Vulkhel Guard (Aurdion) Minor Port City

Valenwood Settlements

d100 Settlement Name (Region) Type
01-11 Arenthia (Reaper’s March) Major Town
12-23 Elden Root (Grahtwood) Capital City
24-35 Falinesti (Grahtwood, Greenshade,
Malabtor, Northwoods)
36-47 Gil-Var-Delle (Grahtwood) Minor City
48-59 Greenheart (Greenshade) Town
60-69 Marbruk (Greenshade) Major City
70-79 Silvenar (Greenshade) Major City
80-89 Southpoint (Grahtwood) Minor City
90-00 Woodhearth (Greenshade) Village


Roll twice on the appropriate Family Size table - once to determine how many living parents you have, and once to determine your living siblings. Three or more parents could represent you having been raised by your grandparents while your parents were away, as stepparents, a village upbringing where parenthood is less of a social construction (such as with Argonians), or as part of a nonmonogamous relationship your parents held. Likewise, siblings needn’t be blood relatives of yours.

Family Size (Village/Town)

d100 Parents Siblings
01-10 3 or more 2d4+2
11-50 2 2d4
51-89 1 1d4
90-00 0 0

Family Size (City)

d100 Parents Siblings
01-05 3 or more 2d4+2
06-60 2 2d4
61-80 1 1d4
81-00 0 0

Powerful Family Relationships

Your first allies and rivals are your family. Sometimes your family members are your closest friends. Sometimes you hate their guts. Roll a d3 (use a d6 and divide by 2, round up to the nearest 1). This is the number of powerful relationships you have within your family.

Roll once on the Family Relationships table for each powerful relationship you have within your family, to determine the setup of your friendship or rivalry.

Family Relationships

d100 Relationship
01-10 You left this family member for dead, whether intentionally or by accident. The thought of vengeance consumes them. You gain one rival.
11-20 You were always hated by this family member. Whether you were favored by others in the family, or you were gifted with exceptional talents, resentment turned bitter towards you. You gain one rival.
21-30 You reconnect with this family member, but you come to find out that your motives clash with yours. You gain one rival.
31-40 You were chosen over this family member for a special training that led to your eventual life as an adventurer. Feeling snubbed by your good fortune, this led your family member to becoming alienated towards you. You gain one rival.
41-50 You always thought this family member was dead. Now they are back and taking revenge against your family. You gain one rival.
51-60 You were inseparable with this family member for the early parts of your youth. You gain one ally.
61-70 After many long years apart, you finally find your long lost family member. You gain one ally.
71-80 You were raised by this family member from your earliest years. This family member has given everything in order to help provide a life for you. You gain one ally.
81-90 When all others failed or abandoned you, this family member always had your back. You gain one ally.
91-00 You felt the closest with this family member compared to your other family members. You forged an unbreakable bond with this family member. You gain one ally.

Acquired Allies and Rivals

If you gained allies or rivals based on your background and your homeland, this section allows you to establish your relationship with those allies and rivals, as well as the broad strokes of their identities.

Allies and Rivals

d100 Ally Rival
01-10 This person was a loyal friend of yours growing up. This person is a well-meaning, but very annoying, adoring fan of yours.
11-20 This person was a dutiful mentor who helped train you in your specialties. This person is a monster hunter, and is convinced you are a vampire, lycanthrope, or a doppelganger.
21-30 This person was once saved by you in their time of need. They are still trying to repay the favor. This person does everything you do. Except they do it slightly better, and it is absolutely infuriating.
31-40 This person has always had a secret crush on you or has always held you in the highest esteem. You are suspected of having killed a relative or friend of this person, and now they seek revenge against you.
41-50 This person is either your closest friend or your lover. This person knows a terrible secret about you. They use this secret to blackmail you.
51-60 You and this person were kidnapped or imprisoned, but escaped together. This shared experience bonded you together. You looked up to this person in your youth, but as you grew, you realized the negative influence they were in your life. Distancing yourself from them has caused a palpable rift.
61-70 Stranded and left for dead, you and this person formed a powerful bond in order to survive such an ordeal. You and this person are both seeking the same treasure, and they want to get the treasure first, no matter the cost.
71-80 You helped this person escape justice from something they did wrong. They owe you their freedom, and have your back until the end. This person has been wrongfully accused of a crime or wrongdoing, either by you, or having been mistaken for you. They seek revenge and will stop at nothing to exact it.
81-90 This person once risked themselves for you, or put themselves in great peril in order to protect you. They continue to do so to this day. This person appears friendly towards you, but secretly they harbor a deep and abiding hatred towards you and wishes to see your demise.
91-00 Once a rival, this person has become one of your fiercest allies. This person believes you to be a harbinger of great destruction. They find it is their moral duty to destroy you and prevent any evil you may bring upon the land.

Ally and Rival Identities

When you've determined the relationships between you and your acquired allies and rivals, roll for each one on the Ally and Rival Identities table to determine their game statistics. This table includes monsters and NPCs in the 5e Core Rules, the Enemies of Elsweyr, and the Legionnaire's Guide to Cyrodiil.

If you roll a particularly powerful ally or rival on this table, their involvement in your life causes a fateful moment to occur in your backstory, as determined on the Fateful Moments table.

Ally and Rival Identities

d100 Stat
Source Fateful
01-5 Acolyte 5e Core Rules No
6 Archmage 5e Core Rules Yes
7-9 Assassin 5e Core Rules Yes
10-15 Bandit Captain 5e Core Rules Yes
16-21 Berserker 5e Core Rules No
22-30 Commoner 5e Core Rules No
31-36 Cultist Fanatic 5e Core Rules Yes
37-39 Doppelganger 5e Core Rules Yes
40 Dragons (Any) Enemies of Elsweyr Yes
41-46 Druid 5e Core Rules Yes
47-50 Dremora (Any) Legionnaire's Guide to Cyrodiil Yes
51-55 Gladiator 5e Core Rules Yes
56-60 guard 5e Core Rules No
61-64 Knight 5e Core Rules No
65 Lich 5e Core Rules Yes
66-68 Mage 5e Core Rules Yes
69-72 Minotaur 5e Core Rules Yes
73 Necromancer Enemies of Elsweyr Yes
74-77 Noble 5e Core Rules Yes
78-80 Priest 5e Core Rules Yes
81-84 Scout 5e Core Rules No
85-86 Spy 5e Core Rules Yes
87-89 Thug 5e Core Rules No
90-93 Tribal Warrior 5e Core Rules No
94-89 Vampire 5e Core Rules Yes
95-00 Veteran 5e Core Rules Yes

Fateful Moments

No one decides to go adventuring without a reason. Some might set out from home in the name of vengeance, seeking retribution for themselves or their kin. Some might be looking for wealth or glory. Others might seek only a change from their dreary lives, never realizing that they'll soon be caught up in events beyond their understanding along the open road.

Roll once on the Fateful Moments table for each such moment you accrued in the previous section, courtesy of the allies and rivals that are part of your backstory.

Fateful Moments

d20 Event
1 You were imprisoned, but you either escaped or were released. You have proficiency with Thieves’ tools if you escaped.
2 You joined a cult to a specific Daedric Prince, either willingly or out of necessity. You have proficiency in either the Deception or Persuasion skills (your choice).
3 A powerful adventurer saved you from a monster. The adventurer takes you under their wing, and instructs you in the finer points of combat. You have the Weapon Master feat.
4 You awoke, naked, alone, in a dark ruin with no memory how you got there. Next to you was a weapon with the words “Until Death” carved into it. The weapon is a +1 battleaxe. You have proficiency with battleaxes.
5 You discovered a strange book, which transported you to a huge library. You took another book off the shelves, and then woke up in your own bed with the book in your hands. You gain the Ritual Caster feat, and learn one language of your choice.
6 You were attacked in your sleep by an assassin, but you woke up and managed to kill your attacker. You have either a set of Shrouded Leather Armor (LGTC) or a pair of Shrouded Boots (LGTC) that you took from the assassin.
7 You came face to face with an ancient, arcane horror. Such an occurrence has left a scarring mark upon your soul. Unnatural magic swells within you. You have the ability to cast one mage cantrip of your choice. This cantrip does not count against any known cantrips your class may entail. Intelligence is your spellcasting modifier for this cantrip.
8 You were attacked by hunters under suspicion of being a werewolf. A huge wolf brutally helped you kill the hunters in self defense. You have a dire wolf companion, and you have proficiency in the Animal Handling skill.
9 You washed ashore and were found by a band of pirates. Taken first as a prisoner, you eventually earned your freedom and a place amongst them. They trained you in the ways of combat. You have Defensive Duelist feat, you are proficient with one weapon that has the finesse property, and you own one such weapon.
10 You saved a young horse from a pack of wolves or other animals. The horse grew up to be very strong, and the bond you two share is even stronger. You own a warhorse and you have the Mounted Combatant feat.
11 You were nearly killed by wild animals, but a hunter saved your life with incredible skill in archery. The hunter agreed to train you so you could “save yourself next time.” You have proficiency with one marksman weapon of your choice, as well as the Nature and Survival skills.
12 You awoke in a field filled with bodies. Covered in blood, you left the scene in a frantic panic unsure of what transpired before you lost consciousness. You have contracted lycanthropy or vampirism (your choice). See the Blessings and Curses book for further details on being a lycanthrope or a vampire.
13 You are stirred awake by a voice that whispers the haunting words, “You sleep rather soundly for a murderer.” You have the Skulker feat, proficiency in the Stealth skill, and proficiency with Poisoner's kit.
14 You once fought a whole gang of kids by yourself over a single sweetroll. Impressed, a martial artist decided to train you in the fighting arts. You have the Tavern Brawler feat, and your hit point maximum increases by 1.
15 From the moment of your birth, you were gifted with exceptional talents and capabilities. You have been praised all of your life, but you have also earned the ire of others who are lesser to you. You have the Skilled feat.
16 You once walked down a dark alley, and managed to defeat a mugger who thought he was well hidden behind some crates. You gain proficiency in the Perception skill, and you have a +1 bonus to your passive Perception.
17 You were entranced by a performing troupe so much that you decided to join them. You gain the Actor feat and gain proficiency in one musical instrument of your choice.
18 You were attacked by terrible creatures, but just at the right moment, you managed to cast a spell with no prior training. You gain the Magic Initiate feat.
19 You were saved from certain death by hiding in a Legion phalanx, and you’ve trained with a shield ever since. You gain proficiency with shields, you own a shield, and you gain the Shield Master feat.
20 While lost in an inhospitable area, starving and lost, you found a strange stone. You picked it up on a whim, and you immediately found food and shelter! You kept the stone, which is a Stone of Good Luck.

Mysterious Secret

You saw something you weren't supposed to. A note came into your possession by mysterious means. You can roll on the Mysterious Secrets table or work with your GM to create a secret.

Mysterious Secret

d20 Secret
1 I once called upon the Dark Brotherhood to assassinate someone. Nobody will ever find out...right?
2 I was once friends with a vampire. I helped them cover up their wicked deeds and killings. When they were found out and killed, nobody suspected that I aided them.
3 I was once a lycanthrope of some kind. I managed to find a cure, but sometimes I find myself longing for the thrill of the hunt again.
4 I once overheard a gang of bandits conspiring to kidnap the heir of the local magistrate. I did nothing.
5 I witnessed a group of guards murder a beggar in the dead of night for no apparent reason. They gave me a bag of coins and told me to keep quiet, or that I’d rot in prison.
6 I uncovered a relic of the Dwemer. Its discovery could reshape the land if it falls into the wrong hands.
7 While exploring one day, I found a small statue of a Daedric Prince. Sometimes, it whispers to me.
8 As a child, I dared one of my close friends to sneak inside of a cave near our town. They never came back out.
9 On the eve of my birthday every year, my birthsign appears to me in my dreams. It asks me to do things, every year the requests were mundane things, such as leaving a specific object somewhere. The last time it showed up, it showed me someone’s face and simply said “kill”.
10 I remember someone that nobody else seems to remember. Any time I’ve mentioned them people get confused and ask who I’m talking about. There’s no evidence they ever existed, anything that belonged to them has also disappeared.
11 I served as a fence for the Thieves Guild. One day, the guards caught me. To save my own skin, I had turned everyone I knew in anonymously. One of them swore that if they ever found out who ratted them out, they’d kill that person.
12 I received a strange note that says “When you meet a Redguard with half a sword and only one shoe, your life will begin anew. Tell no one.”
13 I lived a terrible life and had many enemies until I died, and had the reincarnate spell cast on me. I now live under a new identity, hoping none of my old enemies find me in this new form.
14 A Daedroth was going to take my soul, but I had offered up a close friend or family member in my place. At night, I sometimes swear I can hear their voice.
15 There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t think about the horrors of the orphanage I grew up in. Nor for the terrible ‘accident’ that occurred the night I left it.
16 My entire life is a lie. Every detail I’ve ever told anyone about who I was has been an utter fabrication. The greatest secret I hold is the truth of who I truly am.
17 I used to adventure with another group, until I woke up covered in blood and with my weapon plunged deep into one of my friends’ throats. I fled the scene in a panic, and hope to never see the survivors of that group again.
18 I am stricken with a terrible disease that is slowly ravaging my body. Though I deem it fit to keep that knowledge to myself rather than to burden it on others.
19 Out of desperation, I once ate the flesh of another man, mer, or beastfolk. The scary part is, I liked the taste and sometimes think about trying it again.
20 In the face of peril, I froze. When the realization of the danger hit me, I ran. I don’t know the fate of those I left behind.


Write down three aspirations or goals you have for your character, and which you want to achieve over the course of the campaign. A prophecy goal should have two parts. First is the goal that your character wants to attain. Second is a sense of what complication might ensue once the goal is met - for good or ill.

One of your prophecy goals should be an immediate goal, one should be long term, and one should be a goal that concludes your character arc at the end of the campaign. You don't have to choose all three goals at the start.

If you're looking for prophecy goals for your character, you can roll on the Prophecy Inspirations table for a random goal and a consequence of that goal. If this goal isn't a perfect fit for your character, you can fine-tune it or roll again to find one that works better.

Prophecy Inspirations

d20 Prophecy
1 I will undo the evils of a Daedric Prince that burned my village to the ground, but in doing so, I must sell my soul to another Prince.
2 I will prove myself to be the reincarnation of a great hero of old. In doing so, I must rid myself of any competition who would assume the mantle of this great hero.
3 I will recover an Elder Scroll that holds the secrets of undoing a great evil, but this will instead only further the evil’s might or its plans.
4 I will slay the witch that has cursed my family. However, in doing so, it will cost me dearly the lives of those I care about.
5 I will cowardly choose to save my own skin instead of helping another in their time of need. That person will suffer in my stead.
6 I will gain the opportunity to join the Dark Brotherhood. I will fail in my contract to take a life and will be hunted down by my new ‘family’.
7 I will join the prestigious arcane school of my region (Mages Guild, College of Winterhold, the Synod, etc.), but I will find that my magical talents do not meet the expectations of my tutors. This will lead me to take drastic action in order to succeed.
8 I will travel to Oblivion in order to obtain a relic of great power, but this relic will shortly thereafter fall into the wrong hands due to my own hubris.
9 I will encounter a remnant of the Dwemer. Strange Dwemer constructs will start following me after that day.
10 I will uncover the lost tomb of a vile necromancer. Disturbing it will bring forth an army of undead legions that will march across all of Tamriel.
11 I will unintentionally free a dragon from its long captivity. It will reign down fire upon the countryside.
12 I will save a great number of people, and whole provinces will owe their lives to me, but I will be remembered as one of the most terrible villains in history.
13 I will take an artifact from a dying man who pleads to me to keep it safe. But I will sell it to the first trader I cross across for a meager sum.
14 I will set about to uncover the corruption within the city guard. But I will become the most wanted person in the city or even in the kingdom.
15 I will find the lost love of my life, but I will discover they have fallen in love with another. In my anger, I will lash out and commit a terrible crime.
16 I will become sovereign of my home province, but in doing so, I become a tyrant more terrible than any before.
17 I will become a dragonborn like the legends of old, but my pursuit will lead me to forsake those nearest to me and to lose myself in my ambition.
18 I will become immortal, but in doing so, I will become lich.
19 I will hunt down the monster that slew my family. However, the creature is not as it seems, but my rage will not stay my hand.
20 I will overthrow a wicked ruler who oppresses my people, but this will plunge the land into turmoil and chaos.