Factions & Guilds


In the Second Era, Potentate Versidue-Shaie signed the Guild Act, which officially sanctioned all forms of guilds throughout the Empire. This moment in history changed the landscape of commerce, education, and politics, as the guilds were able to redefine the distribution of goods, services, and education to the people of Tamriel. Each guild is required to pay to expand their influence throughout the land, which in turn, strengthens the Empire by their presence and the increased gold in the Imperial coffers. There are many guilds that were formed through the eras, with some of the more prominent guilds rising above the rest:

  • Skilled warriors and entertainers who fight in the Arena
  • An illegal, but generally tolerated, guild of assassins, the Dark Brotherhood
  • An organized mercenary company, the Fighters Guild
  • A group of enterprising merchants, the Gold Coast Trading Company
  • Worshipers of the Divines, the Imperial Temple
  • A military force, the Imperial Legion
  • Teachers and experts of magic, the Mages Guild
  • An organized crime ring, the Thieves Guild

Everyone in Tamriel respects the guilds and their rights, and considers high ranking members of those guilds as people deserving the prestige given to them. Nearly every worker in Cyrodiil, especially those in urban areas, belong to a guild suited to their vocation. The largest of guilds, recognized for their pervading respect or notoriety, are known to have adventurers, opportunists, and fortune-hunters among their ranks.

Factions & Guilds

Organization Name Type Feature Source
Arena Guild Arena Access LGtC
Antiquarian Circle Guild SoS
Bards College Guild SoS
College of Winterhold Guild SoS
The Companions Guild SoS
Cyrodilic Collections Faction MoM
Dark Brotherhood Guild Slayer’s Presence LGtC
The Dawnguard Guild SoS
Fighters Guild Guild Guild Access LGtC
Gold Coast Trading Co. Guild Intern Merchant LGtC
Imperial Legion Guild Legion Station LGtC
Imperial Temple Guild Temple Status LGtC
Mages Guild Guild Arcane Knowledge LGtC
Thieves Guild Guild Friends in Low Places LGtC
Tribes of Murkmire Faction MoM
Vigilants of Stendarr Guild SoS