The marketplace of a large city teems with buyers and sellers of many sorts: Orc smiths and Altmer woodcarvers, Nord farmers and Breton jewelers. In the largest cities, almost anything imaginable is offered for sale, from exotic spices and luxurious clothing to wicker baskets and practical swords.

For an adventurer, the availability of armor, weapons, backpacks, rope, and similar goods is of paramount importance, since proper equipment can mean the difference between life and death in a dungeon or the untamed wilds. Chapter 5 of the Basic Rules details the mundane and exotic merchandise that adventurers commonly find useful in the face of the threats that the world of Tamriel presents.

Starting Equipment

When you create your character, you will typically start an adventure in typical Elder Scrolls style, with nothing but rags. If you are joining an adventure that starts in another way or is already in progress, your GM can determine your starting gold (referred to as Septims) based on your allies or by a combination of your class and background. Alternatively, you can start with a number of Septims based on your class and spend them on items from the lists in this chapter. See the Starting Wealth by Class table to determine how many Septims you have to spend.

You decide how your character came by this starting equipment. It might have been an inheritance, or goods that the character purchased during his or her upbringing. You might have been equipped with a weapon, armor, and a backpack as part of military service. You might even have stolen your gear. A weapon could be a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation until your character finally took up the mantle and followed in an ancestor’s adventurous footsteps.

Starting Wealth by Class

Class Funds
Barbarian 2d12 + 40 Septims
Bard 5d12 + 40 Septims
Crusader 5d12 + 40 Septims
Mage 4d12 + 40 Septims
Monk 5d4 Septims
Necromancer 4d12 + 40 Septims
Nightblade 4d12 + 40 Septims
Priest 3d12 + 40 Septims
Ranger 5d12 + 40 Septims
Rogue 4d12 + 40 Septims
Sorcerer 3d12 + 40 Septims
Spellsword 5d12 + 40 Septims
Thief 4d12 + 40 Septims
Warden 5d4 Septims
Warrior 5d12 + 40 Septims