Taveling through Elsweyr, you are bound to find long lost treasures and powerful artifacts lost to time. Ancient ruins can be found abandoned under the desert sands and overgrown in the thick verdant jungles. Treasure hunters rarely come back without some antiquity to pawn off or a strange item to research. There are also some common items that are unique to Elsweyr and made specifically for the Khajiit. These mundane items can be found in most cities and towns, such as Rimmen or Senchal. Clever claw stashboxes, khenarthi death coins, sharpening posts, are rarely seen outside Elsweyr, but scythes, torchbug hair tonic, and torchbug lanterns are relatively common anywhere.

Magic Items

This section presents an assortment of common and magic items in alphabetical order. See the 5e Core Rules for the rules on magic items.


This section presents two artifacts unique to Elsweyr, which are incredibly powerful items created by the gods themselves. See the 5e Core Rules for the rules on artifacts and the relevant Artifact Properties tables to determine the random beneficial properties.

Dragon Shouts

Dragons are not the only creatures that are capable of using the power of the Thu’um, a powerful type of magic sometimes referred to as the Voice. By using draconic words, a wielder of the Thu’um can create powerful magical effects and even reshape the world itself. It is rare for mortals to understand how to use their voice in such a way, but Tamriel is no stranger to those who have unlocked this magic.

Perhaps this power comes to a character innately—such as a dragonborn—a mortal that has been blessed with the blood and soul of a dragon. Or they have studied the Voice and mastered its power through practice and discipline. Maybe they have been granted a boon by Akatosh himself, either as a reward for their heroic efforts or as a gift to aid themselves in an aligned goal.

However you have unlocked this power is your story to tell. Learning dragon shouts can be used as an alternate reward to conventional treasure and can be awarded as a supernatural gift through heroic deeds or thoughtful discovery.