Wandering through the wilderness of Elsweyr can be dangerous for merchants and adventurers alike. Deadly beasts and insects roam the deserts and jungles, while poachers and smugglers attempt to lay claim to ancient ruins and unguarded land. This chapter provides stat blocks for many of the creatures that can play a role in a campaign set in Elsweyr, including powerful daedric beings, iconic dragons, and NPCs that can serve as either friends or foes.

The chapter’s monsters appear first in this bestiary. They’re followed by a collection of miscellaneous beasts, and NPCs that can be used to populate your Elsweyr adventures.

These creatures are arranged in alphabetical order. For guidance on how to use a creature’s statblock, consult the introduction of the 5e Core Rules.



Stat Blocks by Creature Type

Here are the creatures in this bestiary, as well as in the subsequent assorted Beast, Dragon, and Monstrosity collection, sorted by creature type.