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Elsweyr is the ancient homeland of the Khajiit. The cat-people of Tamriel live in a world strongly influenced by the duality of the two moons, and their home province is no different. The varying lands change from the shifting sands of an unrelenting desert in the north to the untamed jungles to the south.

This book showcases many of the peoples and dangers that can be found with the province's borders, including over 70 new monsters, beasts, and non-playable characters. For the first time we see stat blocks for the powerful dragons of Tamriel, the iconic creatures fought in Skyrim and in the Elder Scrolls Online.

While over 60 pages of this book covers the new threats of Elsweyr in Chapter 3, that's not the only exciting dangers found within. Chapter 1 includes four new Khajiit subraces, and a brand new class: the dreadful Necromancer, along with 12 new spells made specifically for the class. Finally, Chapter 2 provides 30 magic and mundane items to use against the dragons, necromancers, and evil spirits that threaten the Khajiiti homeland.

Welcome to Elsweyr

When you venture further into the homeland of the Khajiit, you find the wild and untamed land that they call home. The fertile grasslands are filled with stalking predators, winding canyons, hiding bandits, and worse, the wild borderlands harbor the Khajiit where they grow their famous moon-sugar crops.

The province lines the southern coast of Tamriel and features a merciless desert in the north and the wild jungles of the Tenmar Forest to the south. Wandering nomads navigate the scorching deserts of the Scar. Within lies timeless Khajiiti ruins that are not as abandoned as they might seem.

It is said that a hundred civilizations are buried beneath the sands of Elsweyr. Like the shifting sands of the desert province, no Empire can be assumed to stand forever. Elsweyr became the home of one of the oldest civilizations in all of Tamriel, existing long before the coming of mer or man.

Home of Acncient Kingdoms

In the early First Era, there were sixteen independent realms in Elsweyr. Unlike typical human and elvish kingdoms, these regions did not compete with one another for land and power. Recognizing their own idiosyncratic characteristics and strengths, each territory specialized in one specific duty, supplying its neighbors with its bounty in exchange for equal measure. Ne Quin-al, where great warriors were born and trained, might trade its warriors to Torval in exchange for fish and other bounties of the sea. The dominance of each region was checked by the moons. It is said when both moons, Masser and Secunda, were full, Ne Quin-al was in dominance; when both moons were half, Torval; when both moons were new, Senchal. The other regions too had their days of power and influence.

For a thousand years this delicate astronomic and political dance was equal to facing every threat posed against the Khajiit. The Alessian Empire chose not to extend its borders too far south and the Bosmer of Valenwood likewise knew how far eastward they dared to extend their kingdom. But the terrible Thrassian plague of 1E 2260 finally upset this balance forever. Traveling down the trade routes into the heart of Elsweyr, the plague decimated the Khajiit, forcing the survivors into roles they did not choose. Thus was the province turned from sixteen states to only two: Pa'alattin and Ne Quin-al, more commonly known by their Cyrodilic names of Pellintine and Anequina.

Noble Duality of the Khajiit

The two kingdoms represented the moons as their extremes, but also radically different interpretations of Khajiit culture, which they adopted from the tribes each absorbed. The people of Pellintine considered their neighbors in Anequinia to be uncouth barbarians, while the Anequinan looked to the south and saw only decadence and depravity. For many more centuries, the two lands fought, neither gaining appreciable ground. The south had the wealth and could hire mercenaries and withstand sieges, but the north had a warrior culture, and could never be dominated.

When the two united in the 309th year of the 2nd Era with the marriage of Kiergo of Aequina and Eshita of Pellintine, the two rulers fully recognized how historic their pact was, and renamed their land accordingly to Elsweyr. The derivation of this unusual name has perplexed scholars. One commonly held rationale hinges on a particular Khajiit proverb that "a perfect society is always found elsewhere," suggesting that the new king and queen has that aim, and that sense of humor. Another is that it is reference to Llesw'er, a paradise promised to the Khajiit by the Riddle Thar. Either possibility points to the optimism of the Khajiit.


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