EoE:Assassin Beetle

Assassin Beetle
Medium Beast, unaligned

Armor Class 15 (natural armor)
Hit Points 44 (8d8 + 8)
Speed 30 ft.

15 (+2) 11 (+0) 12 (+1) 5 (-3) 10 (+0) 3 (-4)

Skills Stealth +2
Damage Immunities acid
Senses blindsight 30 ft., passive Perception 10
Languages -
Challenge 2 (450 XP)        Proficiency Bonus +2

Acid Blood. When the beetle is hit by an attack that deals piercing or slashing damage, each creature within 5 feet of it must make a DC 12 Agility saving throw, taking 3 (1d6) acid damage on a failed save, or half as much on a successful one.

Sneak Attack. The assassin beetle deals an extra 7 (2d6) damage when it hits a target with a weapon attack and has advantage on the attack roll, or when the target is within 5 feet of an ally of the assassin beetle that isn't incapacitated and the assassin beetle doesn't have disadvantage on the attack roll.


Bite. Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 5 (1d6 + 2) piercing damage, plus 3 (1d6) acid damage.

Shadow Step (1/Day). The beetle can use a bonus action on its turn to teleport to a space that it can see within 60 feet of it. The next attack it makes with its bite has advantage.

Found In: Enemies of Elsweyr