Delvebound Errata


Delvebound books occasionally receive corrections and other updates to their rules, as this is a labor of love, sometimes tweaking is needed in order to present the best possible products we can make.

Basic Rules v1.5


Natural Explorer (2/7/23)

  • Revised the final sentence to "Each time you finish a long rest, you can choose to replace one of your current favored terrains with the current terrain you are in."

Basic Rules v1.4


Flame Atronach Ember, Flame Atronach and Cold-Flame Atronach:

  • All lack DC for their saving throws in their Combustion abilities.

Air Atronach:

  • Referred to as “Air Atronach Zephyr” in its Multiattack and Sword Spin actions.

Rusted Iron Atronach:

  • Referred to as “Earth Atronach” in its Multiattack action.

Bestiary of Summerset


Coral Crab:

  • Slotted Water Jet as a Reaction instead of as a Trait, for visibility purposes.

Giant Salamander:

  • Its Multiattack action states that it makes “2” attacks instead of “two” attacks.
  • Moved Embers, Static Release, and Cellular Hibernation into Actions, and removed the text about them using an action.
  • Cellular Hibernation is missing average damage upon shield breaking, when it deals 1d4 cold and 1d4 piercing damage.

Gryphon Matriarch:

  • Has a +1 to all of her saves, not sure if intentional due to it being a legendary monster encounter.
  • Might just be me but Barrel Roll has some weird wording I couldn’t quite understand well, especially with the last line “If unoccupied space is within range, the creature is knocked prone.” Even though earlier it states that on a success, it isn’t knocked prone.”


  • Teleport action had minor typos corrected.”

Sea Sload:

  • Hallucinosis had a minor typos corrected.”
  • Summon Orb had a typo corrected, where the orb was referred to a wall.
  • Switched from spell slots to magicka.
  • Added Cantrips.
  • Replaced crown of madness with detect thoughts to suit SRD.

Yaghra Monstrosity:

  • Has +2 in athletics, even though it has a +3 in Strength and +2 PB.
  • Pheromone Rage refers to “Yaghra Larva”

Yaghra Strider:

  • Has acrobatics +3 and athletics +2 proficiencies, but has +2 dexterity and +3 strength respectively at CR 1 with a +2 PB.
  • Pheromone Rage refers to “Yaghra Larva”

Monsters of Murkmire


Argonian Behemoth:

  • Multiattack states the creature makes “2” attacks instead of “two” attacks.


  • Multiattack states the creature makes “2” attacks instead of “two” attacks.

Haj Mota:

  • The haj mota has a +5 Endurance save when it should have +6 due to its End modifier and PB.
  • The poison damage dealt on the Poison Spitter variant text is missing average damage value.


  • Its statblock and flavor text mentions “Mireguant” multiple times.

Strangler Alpha:

  • Added "blind beyond this radius" to blindsight.


  • Changed "voriplasmic corpse" to "voriplasmic skeleton" under the Engulf ability.

Argonian Venomshot:

  • Poison Arrow Spray lacking average damage.

Hist Speaker:

  • Description for Spellcasting mentions “tree minder,” not sure if that’s on purpose or not.

Enemies of Elsweyr


Undying Warrior:

  • Grisly Totems has been updated to clearly indicate all totems have an AC and HP.
  • Grasping Totem's radius has been reduced from 30 feet to 10 feet. It now requires a reaction to use and can only restrain a single creature at a time. Once a creature has succeed at a saving throw to end the restrain, they are immune to the effects for 24 hours.


Death Scythe:

  • Spell range is “touch” but its description states a 15-foot cone centered on you, should probably be “Self (15-foot cone)”


Blighted Dragon:

  • With a PB of 5 and expertise on Perception, they should have a +14 bonus instead of the current +13 bonus, which in turn affects their Passive Perception of 23, which should be 24.

Blood Dragon:

  • Changed Animal Allegiance to call in four CR 2 or lower creatures or two CR 4 or lower creatures, instead of the other way around.

Azureblight Dragon:

  • The endurance saving throw states a +14 bonus, when it should be +15 (PB +7/END +8)
  • Blightbolt is listed as a Ranged Weapon Attack when it seems to be a Ranged Spell Attack

Wildfire Dragon:

  • Firebolt is listed as a Ranged Weapon Attack when it seems to be a Ranged Spell Attack

Glacial Dragon:

  • Frostshard is listed as a Ranged Weapon Attack when it seems to be a Ranged Spell Attack
  • Changed "frost wyrms" to "ice wraiths" under Frost Breath.

Revered Dragon:

  • The dragon’s Willpower stat is labelled as 15 (+4), when it should be 15 (+2), this causes the dragon to in turn have +18 in Perception, when it should have +16, as well as 28 passive Perception, when it should be 26.

Serpentine Dragon:

  • Their Perception is listed at +10, when it should be 6 or 12 (with expertise) due to their CR. And therefore passive Perception should be 16 or 22, not 20
  • Their Stealth is listed at +11, when it should be +12 due to their CR and +6 Agility bonus.
  • All of the saving throws should be upped +1, it seems like they were calculated for a lower CR creature.

Legendary Dragon:

  • Added the second half of Bend Will to the statblock.

List of Dragon Shouts:

  • Added Flame Wyrms to the Fire Breath shout under the List of Dragon Shouts.
  • The Frost Breath shout calls for "Frost Wyrms", when instead it should call for Ice Wraiths.
  • Storm Breath has a typo where wraiths appear "within the area of the Frost Breath."
  • Dragon shouts changed in ToT Vol. 2 should replace the ones in EoE (resurrect dragon, meteor storm)


  • Their Arcana is listed at +6, when it should be +7 due to their PB and Int.
  • Their passive Perception is set to 14, when it should be 16.
  • Added damage for using the longsword with one hand.


  • The Pounce trait calls the Sar-m’Athra a “panther”, just wanted to point that out
  • The Multiattack action mentions making an attack with a longsword, but the Sar-m’Athra doesn’t have a longsword action (though it could totally be a Dark Souls reference)


  • Their hit points formula includes a +48 modifier, but calculating that modifier using the given endurance should be at +28, which the average hit points of 91 do reflect correctly


  • Their passive perception is listed at 12, when it should be 15.


  • Their Athletics is listed at +6, when it should be +7
  • Their Perception is listed at +2, when it should be +3

Storm Atronach

  • Replaced Storm Movement with Float feature.
  • Changed Shockbloom to say "Each creature within 15 feet of the atronach..." instead of "Each creature within a 15–foot radius of the atronach...".
  • Fixed attack bonus and save DC to match proficiency bonus (+7 and DC 15).

Storm Wyrm:

  • Their Perception is listed at +2, when it should be +3

Bone Flayer:

  • Their Passive Perception is listed at 9, when it should be 10

Skeletal Mage:

  • Name changed from Skeleton Mage to Skeletal Mage
  • Replaced witch bolt with thunderwave.
  • Switched to innate spellcasting.
  • Increased Intelligence to 16.
  • Their Passive Perception is listed at 9, when it should be 10

Iron Atronach:

  • Changed Blast Furnace to say "Each creature within 15 feet of the atronach..." instead of "Each creature within a 15–foot radius of the atronach...".

Terror Bird:

  • Their Perception is listed at +5, when it should be +4. This is already reflected in the passive Perception score of 14


  • Its armor class is described as “11 (unaligned)”


  • Their Passive Perception is listed at 13, when it should be 11.

Black Worm Neophyte:

  • Their average hit points is set to 38, but the 8d8 +16 formula should give an average of 52.
  • Their Religion is listed at +3, when it should be +5.
  • Average damage for the Dagger attack is listed at 1, when it should be 3


  • Their Agility is listed as 14 (+3), the dagger attack seems to treat this as a +3 bonus however
  • They have a very weird spell slot progression, it should probably be 4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 2


  • Replaced the spells Gust, Frostbite, and Earth Tremor with Druidcraft, Produce Flame, and Entangle

Senche-Raht Graveprowler:

  • Pounce states that it can make a bite attack, but the action is not listed in the actions list.
  • Removed Pounce feature due to lack of a bite attack.
  • Reduced Black Claw's bonus to hit from +7 to +6.

Senche Noble:

  • Pounce states that it can make a bite attack, but the action is not listed in the actions list.
  • Removed Pounce feature due to lack of a bite attack.
  • Changed Hit Dice to d10s to match creature size.

Skeleton Mage:

  • The spell Animate Skeletal Mage calls it a Skeletal Mage, not Skeleton

The Stricken:

  • Their hit point formula is (2d8 +2) when it should be (2d8 +4)
  • Their Willpower is listed as 11 (+1) however since their passive perception is listed as 11, and their survival as +3, I’m assuming the typo is in the “11”, so should be 12 (+1)


  • Their Intelligence is listed as 12 (+2)

Alfiq Conjurer:

  • Changed spell slots to magicka points.
  • Swapped Cloud of Daggers for Flaming Sphere.
  • Increased CR from 7 to 8.

Alfiq Illusionist:

  • Changed spell slots to magicka points.
  • Swapped Phantasmal Force for Detect Thoughts.

Flame Atronach:

  • Added Float feature, removed (hover) from movement.
  • Added Willpower modifier to Flare's damage.
  • Changed Flame Geyser from "5 foot radius pillar" to "5-foot radius, 15-foot high cylinder".

Frost Atronach:

  • Added "10-foot tall" and changed DC to 13 on Impaling Icicle. Fixed typos.

Magic Items

Dragonbone Shield:

  • Changed to kite shield.

Duneripper's Plate Shield:

  • Changed to any shield.

Terrors of Tamriel vol. 1


Domihaus the Bloody-Horned:

  • Size/type should be Huge monstrosity
  • Shout of Desolation says “the creature takes takes half as much damage” and “This damage is doubled to objects in that are within the line.”
  • Legendary Action “Attack” mentions he can make an attack with his “firebolt”, should be “Hurl Flame”?

Abnur Tharn:

  • Insight should be +9
  • Has “illusory script” under 2nd level spell, when it should be 1st level.

Lyris Titanborn:

  • Willpower save should be +6, Athletics should be +10, Insight should be +6, Perception should be +6.
  • Passive perception should be 16


  • Insight should be +9
  • Flame skull is marked with an asterisk in his spellcasting list, which means he’d cast that spell on himself before combat

Sai Sahan:

  • Willpower save should be +8, Insight should be +8, Perception should be +8, passive perception should be 18
  • His reactions and heroic assions are missing bold text, i.e. Parry. Instead of Parry.

The Prophet:

  • Insight should be +9

Hollowjack Wraith:

  • Willpower save should be +4 - shouldn’t it be 2?
  • Passive perception should be 10

Amiel Richton:

  • Insight should be +3

Varen Aquilarios:

  • Athletics should be +8
  • “Persuasion” is bold and red, similar to “Saving Throws” or “Skills”


  • Primal Spirit legendary action has Selene attack herself with the bear

Lord Hollowjack:

  • Agility and Willpower saving throws should be +4

Dwarven Dynastor:

  • Passive Perception should be 12
  • Missing “damage” under Pillar Configuration, “creature takes 7 (2d6) lightning”

Dwarven Sphere:

  • Stealth should be +5

Terrors of Tamriel vol. 2



  • Fixed a typo that had longbow's damage as 1d6 rather than 1d8.

Shadows Over Skyrim


Blood Scion:

  • References to damage from sunlight should be removed (done on wiki article)

Chaurus Reaper:

  • Corrected Passive Perception to 12 from 15.

Dawnguard Hunter:

  • Corrected Multiattack.
  • Changed Vampire Hunter's extra damage to only occur once per turn.

Death Hound:

  • Corrected the wording for Multiattack, and fixed the stylizing for Freezing Attack.

Dwarven Arquebus:

  • Replaced bite attack with a slam.

Dwarven Spider:

  • Reduced range on Foreleg to 5 ft., rather than 10 ft.
  • Reduced CR from 1/2 to 1/4.

Falmer Duskslicer:

  • Fixed typos with innate spellcasting ("Falmer" instead of "At Will", and "Ray of Cold" instead of "Ray of Frost").

Falmer Warmonger:

  • Moved Battle Command to Bonus Actions.

Giant Matriarch:

  • Corrected reach on Greatclub to 10 ft., rather than 5 ft.

Psijic Monk:

  • STR is listed as 10 (+3). (fixed on wiki)
  • Warp Reality shouldn't be under actions. (fixed on wiki)
  • Natural Armor should be changed to Mystic Defense. (fixed on wiki)


  • Added a period at the end of Horn of the Battle.
  • Changed 'ability' to 'attribute' in Spellcasting and in Taunt.

Snow Whale:

  • Added a period at the end of Hold Breath.

Swarm of Dwarven Spiders:

  • Added Spider Climb feature

Thalmor Agent:

  • Removed Aggressive, corrected styling of Cunning Action.
  • Changed 'ability' to 'attribute' in Spellcasting.

Thalmor Soldier:

  • Changed 'ability' to 'attribute' in Spellcasting.

Vampiric Bear:

  • Changed 'ability check' to 'attribute check' in Vampire Weakness.

Vampiric Sabre Cat:

  • Changed 'ability check' to 'attribute check' in Vampire Weakness.

Vampiric Senche-Raht:

  • Changed 'ability check' to 'attribute check' in Vampire Weakness.
  • Changed 'ability' to 'attribute' in Innate Spellcasting.


  • Changed 'ability' to 'attribute' in Spellcasting.

Magic Items

Akatosh’s Talon

  • Added spell save DC to engulfing breath.
  • Changed "When a target is hit, dragonfire erupts from the weapon, causing the target to burn for 2d6 fire damage." to "When you hit a target with this weapon, it erupts in dragonfire, dealing an extra 2d6 fire damage."

Auriel's Shield:

  • Changed to kite shield.

Black Book (Winds of Change):

  • Fixed wording the item in general.
  • Changed wording so that you gain a short term madness after choosing a boon.
  • Changed lover's insight to be based on romantic attraction rather than gender.
  • Reduced time required to enter Apocrypha, and added in the apparition part based on in game dialogue.

Dawnguard Rune Shield

  • Total item overhaul for balancing. Original and remade versions can be viewed here.

Shield of Ysgramor:

  • Changed to kite shield.

Targe of the Blooded

  • Nerfed heavily, changed to buckler, made it a +1 improvised weapon rather than a shortsword, and added a saving throw and a once per turn limit to the bleeding attack.


  • Changed to "requires attunement by spellcaster".

Legionnaire's Guide to Cyrodiil Part 1


Black Winter:

  • Range corrected from 15-foot cone to 30-foot cone.

Bone Guard:

  • Increased material cost to 800 septims.
  • Change bone guard statblock to match the changes listed in the revisions document. (Changed weapon to War Axe. Increased STR to 16. Changed HP to 30 + 10 for each spell level above 2nd.)

Conjure Familiar:

  • Removed Large creatures that were erroneously suggested in the spell.

Drain Luck:

  • Wording changed to read “...A remove curse cast on this target ends this spell early.” Instead of “...A remove curse, or wish spell also ends it.” (Wording was taken from the hex spell to match 5e writing.)


  • Removed paralyzed from the conditions that can be removed.

Finger of the Mountain:

  • Changed wording to "…a burst of thunder explodes from the point you chose after the bolt…” from “… the point you choose after the bolt…”

Flaming Familiar:

  • Wording changed to read “...Each creature within a 20-foot-radius sphere centered on the familiar's space when it erupts must make an Agility saving throw…” Instead of “...Each creature within a 20-foot-radius sphere, must make an Agility saving throw…”


  • Duration changed from Instantaneous to 1 round.
  • Corrected typo from "...inside an object your are..." to "inside an object you are".


  • Changed "ends its turn there" to "starts its turn there"

Solar Barrage:

  • Revised per feedback

Soul Trap:

  • Added to the Necromancer spell list

Sphere of Negation:

  • D100 roll table changed from 0-25 to 1-25.

Summon Undead Dragon

  • Removed from the Mage spell list, and added to the Necromancer spell list.
  • Changed all mentions of "the creature" to "the dragon".

Urelu's Loathsome Coercion:

  • Removed from the Mage spell list. Added to the Necromancer spell list.
  • Changed mention of "gold" in spell description to "septims"

Magic Items

Minotaur's Nose Ring:

  • Minor wording changes for clarity. Changed "while attuned to this bracelet" to "while wearing this bracelet".

Sorcerer’s Ring:

  • Added “nor from a spell with a range of self”.

Tower of the Nine:

  • Corrected the referenced spell's name from ward to lesser ward.