CGtY:Castaway's Guide to Yneslea



Welcome to Yneslea, foreigner. And, please, do mind the drop... it's been known to break those of lesser worth."

— A Traditional Echmeri Greeting to Tamrielics

Castaway's Guide to Yneslea is partially available for preview. This book will be created in conjunction with the Uutak Mythos community project which can be found on the UESP. Yneslea is a new setting that is found far off from the coast of Morrowind along the way to Akavir. It was discovered as part of Uriel Septim V's counter offensive against the invaders as he set sail to conqueror the Akaviri. For a brief time, the islands were held under Imperial control. Now it is once again an indepentant land filled with wildly strange creatures, cultures, and myths that are ripe for adventurers to discover.

Welcome to Yneslea

Far and away from the familiar skies of Tamriel, across the Padomaic Ocean along the way to Akavir, the archipelago islands of Yneslea reside. Isolated from much of Nirn, the creatures of the so called 'Ice Cream Isles' are an exotic sight to behold. From the 'bat elf' Echmer, to the bug-goblin Hyu-Ket, to the monstrous, four-armored frogmen known as the Broh-Kah, the people of Yneslea are as alien to men and mer as Argonians are to them. While first contact was initially conflict, Emperor Uriel Septim V would swiftly conqueror the islands in his pursuit to destroy Akavir.

While the emperor's campaign would eventually be a failure, the discovery of Yneslea would be revolutionary to both the archipelago and the Empire.


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