Chaos Sorcery Focus

Unpredictably and erratically casting spells around the battlefield, the Chaoticist was either born in chaos, or shaped by it. Openly embracing any results coming from magic that even themselves can’t control, these Sorcerers revel in the sheer mayhem of their actions, causing them to be feared throughout Tamriel, and often labelled worshippers of Sheogorath, with some even going as far as saying they are the creations of the Madgod.

Chaos Features
Level Feature
1st Mischievous Magic
6th Erratic Spellcasting, Unstable Capacitor
14th Scholarly Chaotic, Overwhelming Mayhem
18th Haphazard Reality,

Mischievous Magic

1st-level Chaos feature

At 1st level, your very own magic plays tricks against you, causing spontaneous effects to manifest every time you take some time off. At the end of a long rest, roll a 1d10 in the Mischievous Magic table below to determine the benefits and the drawbacks gained. Whenever you roll for a new Mischievous Magic effect, you replace the old one. Starting at 18th level, you may have two Mischievous Magic effects active at the same time.

Mischievous Magic Table
d10 Effect Drawback Benefit
1 Your precision is uncanny when it comes to hitting weak spots, but ONLY when hitting weak spots. Your attack rolls of 2, 3 and 4 are rolled as if they were a natural 1. If critical failures apply to this roll, consider it a critical failure. Your attack rolls of 18 and 19 are rolled as if they were a natural 20. If critical successes apply to this roll, consider it a critical.
2 Your magic shrinks your size. You become size Tiny, and your base walking speed is lowered by 10 ft. You gain advantage on Dexterity (stealth) checks and can take the Hide action as a bonus action. Additionally, you gain +1 AC.
3 You become slimy! You’re semi-translucent and very flexible. Your subtype is changed to Ooze, and your AC is lowered by 3. You can squeeze through spaces as narrow as 1 inch wide, and you reduce lightning, slashing and acid damage you receive by an amount equal to your Proficiency Modifier.
4 You can only tell lies. And people will constantly ask if you’re a khajiit. You gain disadvantage in Persuasion (Personality) checks. Additionally, roll on the Khajiit Quirks table. (pg. 21 Basic Rules V1.4) The rolled quirk applies to your personality. You gain advantage in Deception (Personality) checks. Khajiit will think highly of you.
5 You swear that the floor is lava, and your magic complies, allowing you to levitate. You levitate 1 foot off the ground and stay aloft. When you move, you must move in this direction until your speed reaches 0 or you hit an obstacle. Additionally, you take 1d6 psychic damage whenever you touch the ground. You levitate 1 foot off the ground and stay aloft. You can stay afloat even when there is no ground under you for a duration of 1 minute, after which you start falling until you touch the ground again. Additionally, you don’t provoke attacks of opportunity.
6 A third ear appears on your forehead! It looks just like your left or right ear (your choice). You are vulnerable to Thunder damage. Additionally, you look ridiculous, and people constantly make fun of you. Your passive perception score increases by 5. Additionally perception checks related to hearing gain a bonus equal to your Proficiency Modifier.
7 Your tongue is incredibly proficient at speaking all languages! And at roasting people. When you speak or write, you can only do so if the message you’re trying to convey would insult someone or something related to the message. You can speak, read, and write all languages.
8 Your skin turns scaly and your body curvy! You resemble a female argonian. Additionally, most people find you incredibly attractive, and you feel very servicial. You can’t help it, you try to romance any creature that happens to be in front of you. You gain disadvantage on any attack rolls directed at a creature that hasn’t attacked you first. You gain a Swimming speed of 40 feet, as well as advantage on saving throws to resist disease. Additionally you gain advantage on Personality (persuasion) rolls.
9 A spectral cat appears before you! It spins around you at incredible speeds. It always stays within 5 feet of you, emits dim light 5 feet around it, and is intangible. Your rations will slowly disappear without you noticing it. Additionally, the cat gets in your way all the time. You gain disadvantage when trying to attack enemies within 5 feet of you. The cat runs so fast it damages anything around you. Any creatures that start their turn within 5 feet of you must roll an Agility saving throw. On a failure, they take 1d6 psychic damage and have disadvantage on their next attack roll.
10 You become ethereal! Your magicka and health pool are switched! Your maximum and current amount of Magicka becomes equal to your maximum and current amount of Health respectively. Additionally, you become vulnerable to all damage from magical sources. Your maximum and current amount of Magicka becomes equal to your maximum and current amount of Health respectively. Additionally, you are resistant to bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage from non magical sources.

Erratic Spellcasting

6th-level Chaos feature

Starting at 6th level, when you cast a damaging or healing spell of 1st level or higher, you may choose to cast this spell erratically, rolling a 1d10 on the Damage Type table below, any damage or healing dealt by this spell is changed to the damage rolled on the Damage Type table. When you cast a spell this way, you regain Magicka equal to the spell’s level, and your wild usage of magic causes a side effect. Roll on the Erratic Effect table at the end of the subclass description to create a random magical effect.

Damage type Table
d10 Damage Type
1 Healing
2 Acid
3 Cold
4 Fire
5 Force
6 Lightning
7 Necrotic
8 Poison
9 Psychic
10 Thunder

Unstable Capacitor

6th-level Chaos feature

Upon reaching 6th level, as a reaction whenever you use your Capacitor feature to regain magicka, you may forgo the magicka gain to instead damage a target of your choosing within 60 feet of you. The target makes a Dexterity saving throw against your Spell save DC, taking damage equal to twice the amount of magicka you would gain on a failure, or half as much on a success. Roll on the Damage Type table to establish the type of damage dealt, as well as on the Erratic Effect table to determine the random magical effect caused.

Scholarly Chaotic

14th-level Chaos feature

When you reach 14th level, a Chaoticist learns to embrace the more erratic nature of magic. At the end of a long rest, roll a 1d6 on the Chaotic Schools table below. When you cast a spell that belongs to the resulting school of magic, you may add your proficiency modifier bonus to any rolls the spell would require you to do. If your proficiency modifier bonus is already added, such as for Spell Attacks and Spell Save DC, you add an additional amount equal to half your proficiency modifier instead. Additionally, you gain advantage on saving throws made against spells belonging to the resulting school of magic.

Chaotic Schools Table
d6 School of Magic
1 Alteration
2 Conjuration
3 Destruction
4 Illusion
5 Mysticism
6 Restoration

Overwhelming Mayhem

14th-level Chaos feature

Additionally at 14th level, when you cast a spell using your Power Overwhelming feature, you may roll 1d6-2 and increase the spell level of the spell cast by the resulting number instead of by one level. If the number rolled is negative, lower the spell level instead. When you use this feature, roll on the Erratic Effect table to create a random magical effect.

Haphazard Reality

18th-level Chaos feature

Starting at 18th Level, at the start of your turn you roll a 1d4 on the Haphazard Reality table below. You gain the benefits listed that correspond to the result of the roll. This lasts until the start of your next turn. You may use this feature a number of times equal to your Willpower modifier.

Haphazard Reality Table
d4 Effect
1 You don’t gain any benefits.
2 You gain the ability to use an extra Reaction.
3 You gain the ability to use an extra Bonus Action.
4 You gain the ability to use an extra Action.

Erratic Effect Table

Erratic Effect Table
d20 Erratic Effect
1 The spell backfires! The spell is magically redirected towards you. If it targets a point the spell is centered on you.
2 You polymorph into a chicken as per the Polymorph spell. The transformation lasts until the end of your next turn.
3 You teleport to a random plane of Oblivion! The extent of this effect is described by your DM. You return to the nearest unoccupied space at the end of your next turn.
4 Your legs are magically shortened! Your speed is reduced by 5 ft. This lasts until you finish a long rest.
5 A Mudcrab is summoned in an unoccupied space next to the target of your spell. It fights you to the death. It disappears after a minute has passed.
6 You summon a Wrath of Sithis in an unoccupied space next to you! It uses its reaction to move towards a nearby party member and attack them, disappearing after this attack. This attack deals no damage.
7 A pocket watcher appears within 15 ft of you! It tries to attack any nearby creature with a Tendril attack. It disappears at the end of your next turn.
8 You gain a tattoo of the name of whoever this spell targetted. The DM chooses the location for the tattoo.This tattoo can only be removed with the Remove Curse spell. If the target lacks a name, the tattoo reflects the type of creature killed and assigns a number to it.
9 You hear strange nordic chanting around you. You aren’t sure why but you feel more powerful. Nothing else happens.
10 You suddenly feel like rejecting modernity, and embracing tradition. Your face transforms into that of a monkey, and you can speak only falteringly. You gain disadvantage on all Personality (Persuasion) checks. This lasts until you finish a long rest.
11 2d20 Flowers sprout from your fingers, they last until you finish a long rest or you eat them. Eating all of them heals the target by 1 hit point.
12 Your hair turns gray and your clothes purple! The color of your skin becomes the color opposite on the color scheme. This lasts until you finish a long rest.
13 Rain, snow, leaves, and other sort of debris starts falling around you in a 20 feet radius area. Any creature within radius is slightly obscured. The effects end after a minute has passed.
14 You teleport nearby! As part of casting the spell, you may teleport to an unoccupied space within 30 feet of you.
15 Your skin becomes stone! You gain a bonus to your AC equal to your Proficiency Modifier, additionally, any speed you have becomes 0, and you can’t take reactions until the end of your next turn.
16 Your senses get all jumbled up! For a minute, you constantly switch between Blinded and Deafened every turn. While Blinded, you gain a +5 bonus to checks made related to hearing. While Deafened, you gain tremorsense up to a distance of 60 ft.
17 Mysterious Stranger. The DM chooses a creature targeted by your spell. An oddly dressed man appears next to it, and attacks or aids the target. If the spell is damaging, it deals damage to the target equal to half the damage the spell would normally do. If the spell heals, it heals the target by half as much as the spell would normally heal.
18 You feel lucky. Attack rolls used by this spell have advantage, saving throws made to resist the effects of this spell are made with disadvantage.
19 Magic surges through you! You recover an amount of Magicka equal to your proficiency modifier multiplied by your Personality.
20 Your spell is duplicated! You may cast this spell again as part of the same action you used to cast it.