A Breton Savant focused on her important research.
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Delvebound Class Class | Martial

Class Overview. The Savant is a martial class aimed at controlling the battlefield through knowledge and learned methods.
Interdisciplinary. Allows you to learn features from other classes.
Academic Ideas. Allows you to develop specific talents every long rest.

Hunched forward over stacks of paperwork and dusty textbooks, an old Imperial Savant filters through generations of knowledge. Standing on the shoulders of giants, their aptitude for learning enables them to dive deeper into the subject of their choosing, becoming a master of their discipline.

A calculating and distinguished Altmer stands on the battlefield, armed with their trusty blade and commanding authority. He tactfully assigns his allies to shift the tide of battle, using his knowledge of military tactics to organize a forward assault that effectively breaks the ranks of the enemy, scattering them in the heat of battle.

As everyone fails to comprehend the nature of the arcane threat unfolding before them, the quick-witted Khajiit rapidly analyzes the situation and knows exactly what it is they are dealing with.

Through their impressive minds and their dedication to their fields of study, the Savant is a formidable ally to have. Both in and out of combat, their fast thinking and rational approach to processing information makes them invaluable in dealing with complex situations. Their vast knowledge about the ways of the world, profound abilities and curious natures made many Savants into heroes among all scholars in Nirn, both in theory and practice.

The Power of Education

Besides magic, there are many forces of change and power available to the populace. Those that do not possess an innate talent for harnessing the arcane, often find themselves drawn to the many disciplines that seek to understand the composition of nature and society. From physics to medicine and from economics to philosophy, many such disciplines offer a unique perspective on life in Tamriel. Regardless of the field of study, there are those that excel at their journey and disciplined themselves to understand the true meaning of education. As such, they wield their mind like a powerful weapon.

Reading books is one thing, but what sets the real Savants apart from mere scholars is their ability to take their experiences and put them to practice. Their gift of understanding and filtering information is unrivaled, as they make short work of the mysteries on their paths. Those that side with an Savant might find themselves drawn to the lectures given by those that wish to share their understanding of the challenges at hand. Valuable insights might be uncovered as the Savants are quick to add to their vast array of knowledge. While not the strongest in raw, physical conflict, their guided effort cuts deeper, strikes smarter and never ceases to amaze.

Theory in Practice

Any authentic Savant can tell you that their thirst for knowledge is near insatiable. Regardless of their personal ambitions, most Savants refuse to shy away from any intellectual puzzle or challenge. For this reason, they are happy to leave their usual universities, libraries or schools for some fieldwork.

Savants often love to share their findings with those around them, bringing back tales from their adventures for their friends or students to pick apart. Whenever a theory requires testing or the world around them requires their intellectual aid, savants prove to be far from boring know-it-alls.

Creating a Savant

Most Savants are affiliated with a scholarly background and a quest for knowledge, regardless of their field of study. Not every Savant is connected to a university or other institute of learning, some have inched away from their previous lives and used their past knowledge to attain other goals. More often than not, Savants find themselves in the company of mercenaries and other capable allies to push the boundaries of the impact they desire to make. They make sure to display their independence to show to the world that they are no meek bookworms to be trifled with.

Perhaps you spent your life looking for an object of your study? An artifact that might help you understand why you dedicated your life to acquiring it? Maybe a local ruler seeks your aid to ensure an important mission goes smoothly or to help understand the nature of a looming threat. You could even be a disgruntled public figure that, through their field of study, wants to prove to the world that they are still relevant. Whatever your choice, the Savant offers a wide array of possibilities for you to explore Tamriel.

The Savant

Level Proficiency Bonus Class Features Academic Ideas Interdisciplines
1 +2 Field of Study, General Knowledge (2) - -
2 +2 Academic Ideas (2) 2 -
3 +2 General Knowledge (3), Interdisciplinary 2 1
4 +2 Attribute Score Improvement 2 1
5 +3 Academic Ideas (2), Erudite (1), Field of Study feature 3 1
6 +3 General Knowledge (3), 3 1
7 +3 Critical Analysis 3 1
8 +3 Attribute Score Improvement 3 1
9 +4 Field of Study feature 4 1
10 +4 Academic Ideas (4), Interdisciplinary (2) 4 2
11 +4 Theoretical Understanding 4 2
12 +4 Attribute Score Improvement 4 2
13 +5 Academic Ideas (5) 5 2
14 +5 Erudite (2) 5 2
15 +5 Field of Study feature 5 2
16 +5 Attribute Score Improvement 5 2
17 +6 Academic Ideas (6) 6 2
18 +6 Interdisciplinary (3) 6 3
19 +6 Attribute Score Improvement 6 3
20 +6 Eureka, Critical Genius 6 3
If your group uses the optional rules on multiclassing in the 5e Core Rules and the Basic Rules, here’s what you need to know if you choose Savant as one of your classes.

Attribute Score Minimum. As a multiclass character, you must have at least an Intelligence score of 13 to take a level in this class, or to take a level in another class if you are already a Savant .

Proficiencies Gained. If Savant isn’t your initial class, here are the proficiencies you gain when you take your first level as a Savant: light armor, short blades, two skill proficiencies of your choice, one tool proficiency of your choice.

Quick Build

You can make a Savant quickly by following these suggestions. First, Intelligence should be your highest attribute score, followed by Personality. Second, choose the scholar background.

Class Features

Hit Points
Hit Dice 1d8 per Savant level
HP at 1st Level 8 + your Endurance modifier
HP at Higher Levels 1d8 (or 5) + your Endurance modifier per Savant level after 1st
Armor Light and medium armor
Weapons blade, marksman and quarterstaffs
Tools One artisan’s tools of your choice
Saving Throws Intelligence, Willpower
Skills Choose any four.
You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:
  • studded leather armor and a dagger
  • (a) a quarterstaff or (b) a shortbow
  • (a) a scholar’s pack or (b) a diplomat’s pack
  • (a) a book on your field of study (b) a set of artisan’s tools

As a Savant , you gain the following class features.

Field of Study

1st-level Savant feature

Though widespread, your education mostly made you an authority on a single field of study. Your choice grants you features at 1st level and again at 5th, 9th and 15th level.

Field of Study Source
Librarian Community Creations
Military Tactician Community Creations
Physician Community Creations

General Knowledge

1st-level Savant feature

While diving deep into the world of your field of study, your curious mind explored a series of other talents as well. As a result of your curiosity, you learned to harness your intellect in a growing number of ways. You can use your Intelligence modifier to make weapon attack and damage rolls as you are a clever fighter, more than anything.

Additionally, you can select two skills of your choice that do not already use your Intelligence modifier. These skills now count as Intelligence skills for you and allow you to use your Intelligence modifier instead of the original one.

Your general knowledge expands when you reach certain levels in the class. You can select one extra skill at 3rd, 6th, 11th and 14th level. Additionally, starting from 11th level, you can select a saving throw instead of a skill.

Academic Ideas

2nd-level Savant feature

As a person of science, you are capable of taking your research to the field. At 2nd level, you may select two Academic Ideas to test. Below you can find a list containing various ideas that offer special modifications to the abilities of you and your allies. When you gain certain Savant levels, you gain additional theories of your choice, as shown in the Academic Ideas column of the Savant table. A level prerequisite refers to your level in this class.

Additionally, whenever you finish a long rest, you can replace any number of ideas to better suit your needs.


3rd-level Savant feature

Your thirst for knowledge knows few boundaries and you are known to take to heart the lessons of others to complement your own. Starting from 3rd level, you can select a feature from any other class' subclass. The feature may not grant access to spellcasting and the prerequisite level for the chosen feature must be lower or equal to your Savant level upon receiving the interdiscipline.

You can select one extra feature whenever you reach certain levels in this class, at 10th and 18th level.

Attribute Score Improvement

4th-level Savant feature

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th, and 19th level, you can increase one attribute score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two attribute scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an attribute score above 20 using this feature.


5th-level Savant feature

At 5th level, your experiences allow your mind to expand and wrap itself around increasingly difficult concepts and think of ideas more quickly. You receive a pool containing a number of points equal to your proficiency bonus.

Whenever you make any attack roll, saving throw or Attribute check that uses your Intelligence Attribute, you can use a reaction to expend any number of points from the pool to add these as a modifier, changing the result. You can only use this feature after rolling, but before adding modifiers to the check. For example, a level 6 Savant's 18 on Intelligence (Arcana) can be turned into a (critical) 20 by expending 2 points, leaving 1 point in the pool.

Any expended points are replenished after finishing a long rest.

Once you reach 14th level, the number of available points instead equals double your proficiency bonus.

Critical Analysis

7th-level Savant feature

Your quick wit and sharp eye enable you to spot patterns and understand their flaws, effectively allowing you to distinguish strengths and weaknesses and how to abuse them. As a bonus action, you attempt to analyze the patterns of all enemies within 15 feet. Make a Willpower (insight) check with a DC equal to 5 + the target creature's Personality Score. On a success, you learn a target's immunities, resistances and vulnerabilities as well as their legendary actions and resistances - should they have any.

Additionally, for the duration of 1 minute, all attacks made by you or an ally against targets that failed the save, score a critical hit on a 19 or a 20.

You can't use this feature again before needing to finish a short or long rest.

Theoretical Understanding

11th-level Savant feature

Your brain is a treasure trove of information. At 11th level, you can instanteously and non-magically replicate one of the following effects: detect magic, identify or legend lore. Once you use this feature, you can’t do so again until you finish a short rest.

Additionally, whenever you succeed on a check using an Intelligence modifier, you gain advantage on your next check made with an Intelligence modifier, within the next hour.


20th-level Savant feature

At 20th level, just when you thought you hit your ceiling, your true potential shines through: there is always more to learn. Your current Intelligence Score increases by 4 and your maximum for that score is now 24.

Critical Genius

20th-level Savant feature

20th level teaches all you need to know in order to broaden your horizon and utilize your education to the fullest. You can now use your Critical Analysis feature unlimitedly, without needing to finish a short rest.

Additionally, whenever you finish a short rest, you restore a number of Erudite points equal to your Intelligence modifier.

Fields of Study

One can be a Savant through learning from a great many sources. These Fields of Study categorize specializations through which you learned to understand the world around you. Your Field of Study grants special abilities and information that aids to satisfy your hungry mind.

Librarian, a title reserved for those specific Savants deemed 'dusty' or 'dull, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is through the study of ancient texts and history that the Librarian learns to understand the reality around them, figuring out their place in the brave new world. Their boundless font of wit and knowledge is not just adopted from the books they read, but strongly augmented by them as well. The Librarians keep close accounts of many recorded subjects and are capable of sharing their findings with their friends and allies, preparing them for the road ahead. Famous are those that serve the Imperial Library or the Archives on the Summerset Isles. Knowledge truly becomes power when the secrets of the enemy are exposed and the studious Librarian gives others something to write about.
Military Tacticians are those that seek to apply their Field of Study to expand their use in combat. Whether their knowledge applies to their individual performance or the coordination of a group, the Military Tacticians see combat as an object of science, something to learn from. Their ever-evolving grip on military theory synchronizes with their growing success. Having a powerful sword-arm might win you a battle, but a keen sense of oversight will win you the war. Since these Savants helped develop plans for skirmishes and assaults in Tamriel, their aid in battle became invaluable.
While Tamriel's healers use their restorative magic to heal the wounded, a Physician learned their craft through taking apart and putting back together whatever they could get their hands on. While not possessing an innate gift for magic, they had to develop a deeper understanding of the inner workings of Tamriel's many denizens. Armed with their unrelenting drive to explore the boundaries of the body, the Physician has the ability to more keenly and more accurately identify the ailments of a wounded creature. Their methods to later try and heal these wounded, might seem crude to others, but the Physicians know exactly what they are doing.

Optional: Community Subclasses

For those that seek to expand upon the available possibilities for this class, there exist several options among the community subclasses. The existing community creations may surprise you and can add a new perspective to your adventures in Tamriel. The community subclasses have yet to be playtested and will require permission to use from your GM.

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