Hidden in plain sight, the Paupers lead a life that turns even the most honest of citizens into cunning opportunists. Shrouded by the guise of the masses, the Paupers are ignored and disregarded until they hit it big time. Life on the streets made these thieves especially swift, with an uncanny knowledge of the world around them. While not necessarily malicious in nature, they are done with being looked down upon by the prosperous and are now ready to strike.

Pauper Features
Level Feature
3rd Street Smarts, Unremarkable
9th Environmental Opportunist, Exit Strategy
13th Dominating Gesture
17th Sucker Punch

Street Smarts

3rd-level Pauper Feature

Life on the streets taught you a little of everything. Also at 3rd level, you gain proficiency in two of the following:

  • One set of Artisan's Tools
  • One language
  • One skill


3rd-level Pauper Feature

Mistaken for a common beggar, your presence is forgettable to others, much to your advantage. Starting at 3rd level, any creature that notices you must succeed on a Willpower saving throw equal to 8 + your proficicieny bonus + your Agility modifier or forget about you. A creature that is specifically looking for you, gains advantage on the saving throw. If you decide to interact with the creature in any way, they automatically succeed on the saving throw.

Environmental Opportunist

9th-level Pauper Feature

Starting at 9th level, whenever you use your Treasure Hunter feat, you also learn of all possibilities to use the environment against your enemies. These environmental opportunities may include cracked walls and ceilings, loose chandeliers or jagged objects. At your GM's discretion, there might be more or less environmental opportunities, but improvised attacks should be available most of the times. As a bonus action, after using your action to make an attack, you can exploit the environment to make an improvised attack using an environmental opportunity against a creature within range. Your damage die for improvised attacks is a d6.

Additionally, you become proficienct with all improvised attacks and you can add your Agility modifier to the damage roll.

Exit Strategy

9th-level Pauper Feature

Also at 9th level, whenever you use your Treasure Hunter feat, you learn of all available entrances and exits within 60 feet.

Pavement's Embrace

13th-level Pauper Feature

The Pauper hones their craft of manuevering the urban jungle, granting them invaluable skills of getting around and staying out of sight anywhere in Tamriel. At 13th level, 1/4 cover counts as half cover and half cover counts as full cover for you, as you learned to twist and turn your body accordingly.

Additionally, you can attempt to take the hide Action when behind at least 1/4 cover.

Dust and Grit

17th-level Pauper Feature

Born without privilige, your only given was even the odds through unfair combat. Once per turn, upon hitting with a melee attack, you throw a hand of dust in the face of the target. The target must succeed on a DC Endurance saving throw equal to 8 + your proficicieny bonus + your Agility modifier or be blinded until the start of their next turn.

Additionally, your damage die for improvised attacks becomes a d8.