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See Chapter 12: Monsters in the 5e Core Rules for an official bestiary and the rules thereof, such as: creature type, size, speed, abilities, and actions.

Community Bestiary

The creatures found here can be variations of those already created, Tamriel-inspired creatures, or canon monsters not yet created in the main project. Have fun with it.

Name Type CR
Cartoklept Fiend 2
Daedra Lord Fiend 10
Daedra Seducer Fiend 4
Dragonling Dragon 2
Dire Vvardvark Monstrosity 3
Elenwen Humanoid 12
Faun Fey 1
Fire Daedra Elemental 6
Fire Daemon Fiend 8
Frost Daedra Elemental 6
Gremlin Humanoid 0
Ghoul Undead 1
Hell Hound Fiend 2
Homonculus Construct 1
Lizard Man Humanoid 1
Medusa Monstrosity 10
Morphoid Daedra Fiend 3
Mournhold Packrat Beast 1/2
Nymph Fey 2
Soul-Spinner Fiend 5
Soul-Spinner Larva Fiend 1/2
Tomeshell Fiend 0
Vermai Fiend 3
Vulk'esh Behemoth Elemental 9
Vulk'esh Elder Elemental 5
Vulk'esh Young Elemental 3