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Librarian, a title reserved for those specific Savants deemed 'dusty' or 'dull, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is through the study of ancient texts and history that the Librarian learns to understand the reality around them, figuring out their place in the brave new world. Their boundless font of wit and knowledge is not just adopted from the books they read, but strongly augmented by them as well. The Librarians keep close accounts of many recorded subjects and are capable of sharing their findings with their friends and allies, preparing them for the road ahead. Famous are those that serve the Imperial Library or the Archives on the Summerset Isles. Knowledge truly becomes power when the secrets of the enemy are exposed and the studious Librarian gives others something to write about.

Librarian Features
Level Feature
1st Educated Strike, Group Reading, Reliable Source
5th Encyclopaedia
9th Pen and Sword
15th Autodidact, Improved Group Reading

Educated Strike

1st-level Librarian Feature

At 1st level, if you use your action to make an attack, you can make an additional attack as a bonus action using a heavy tome. Make an attack roll against a creature within range. On a hit, the target takes bludgeoning damage equal to 1d4 + your intelligence modifier, and is incapable of taking reactions until the start of its next turn.

Group Reading

1st-level Librarian Feature

An avid reader always brings their books, and you are a very avid reader. Whenever you select a General Knowledge skill, you automatically become proficient with it.

Additionally, after finishing a short rest, you can select a number of creatures equal to your Intelligence modifier. All targets gain advantage on their next attack roll or Attribute check or saving throw.

Reliable Source

1st-level Librarian Feature

Finally, at 1st level, you spend one minute sharing knowledge and experience with an ally that can hear you. That ally gains a 1d4 bonus on their next Ability check made within the next hour if you are proficient in that skill yourself. Only one ally can benefit from this feature at a time.


5th-level Librarian Feature

5th level unlocks your potential at utilizing Erudite points in new and powerful ways. Once per turn, you can spend Erudite points to perform an ability from the list below:

Diligence (1 point). You and all allies within 10 feet of you gain a +5 bonus to your passive perception for 1 hour.

Direction (2 points). You and all allies within 10 feet of you are guided by your vast knowledge. As a bonus action, select a creature type. You and all allies within range gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls against that creature type for 1 minute.

Hidden knowledge (3 points). An obscure detail comes to mind, enabling you to exploit an otherwise unknown weakness. As a bonus action, you select a creature within 30 feet of you. The creature becomes vulnerable to a damage type of your choosing until the start of your next turn. The creature must not already be resistant or immune to the chosen damage type.

Rapid Lecture (4 points). As an action, select two damage types: cold, fire, force, lightning, necrotic, poison, psychic, thunder. You and allies within 30 feet that can hear you, gain immunity against the chosen damage types until the end of your next turn.

Legendary Anticipation (5 points). As a reaction upon seeing a creature take a legendary action, you cancel it. Alternatively, if a creature uses their legendary resistance, using this ability makes them consume one additional charge instead. If the target does not have any additional charges, the legendary resistance is canceled.

Additionally, your maximum amount of Erudite points increases by a number equal to your Intelligence modifier.

Pen and Sword

9th-level Librarian Feature

Your extensive knowledge and meticulous research have turned you into a walking repository of information, even in heated conflict. At 9th level, you gain the following benefits:


  • Whenever you make a check using your Intelligence modifier, you can roll a d4 and add the outcome to the roll.
  • During a short rest, you can spend 10 minutes in focused reading to gain insights into a specific creature type, object, or topic. You gain advantage on all attribute checks related to the chosen subject for 2 hours. Examples include: dragons, Dwemer contraptions and monarchies.


  • Whenever you make an attack roll using your Intelligence modifier, you can roll a d4 and add the outcome to the roll.
  • Additionally, through careful contemplation, your attacks overcome resistance.


15th-level Librarian Feature

At 15th level, you harness the ability to acquire useful powers through your readings. Upon finishing a long rest, select any one Feat that you meet the prerequisites for. After finishing another long rest, you can choose to select another Feat instead.

Improved Group Reading

15th-level Librarian Feature

Your ability to share your vast knowledge and insights with your allies has grown even more sophisticated. At 15th level, your Group Reading feature becomes more potent, allowing you to enhance your allies' capabilities and cooperation.

When you use your Group Reading feature, you can now select a number of creatures equal to twice your Intelligence modifier. Additionally, the selected creatures gain advantage on their next 5 attack rolls, attribute checks and saving throws instead.

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