Conservation Devotion

In the volatile world they live in, their past is a constant reminder of their pleasure. The life Conservators once knew, is no more, but they pledged to never betray their roots. Some people would claim these Crusaders to be nostalgics, dwelling on the past, while they actually fully immerse themselves in it. Tomorrow never knows, but a true Conservator knows yesterday like no other.

Tenets of Conservation

The tenets of the Conservator Devotion task a Crusader with looking back and maintaining what is unable to maintain itself:

Conserve the Beloved. Protect that which is worth fighting for.

Admire the Fleeting. Not everything lasts, draw happiness from the temporary.

Cherish the Memories. That which is gone, will never be truly lost.

Rebuild the Destroyed. Project your best experiences onto everything you come across.

Conservator Features
Level Feature
3rd Devotion Spells, Channel Divinity
7th Echoes of the Past
15th Backtrack
20th Eidetic Delusion

Devotion Spells

3rd-level Conservator devotion feature

You gain devotion spells at the Crusader levels listed in the Conservator’s Devotion Spells table. See the Devotion class feature for how devotion spells work.

Conservator Devotion Spells
Crusader Level Spells
3rd comprehend languages, identify
5th calm emotions, lesser restoration
9th blink, intellect fortress
13th compulsion, private sanctum
17th dream, modify memory

Channel Divinity

3rd-level Conservator devotion feature

You gain the following two Channel Divinity options. See the Devotion class feature for how Channel Divinity works.

Preservation. You can use your Channel Divinity to transfer your divine essence to halt the flow of time. As an action, touch an object no bigger than 100 feet in all dimensions, it becomes indestructible until dawn.

Reminiscence. You can use your Channel Divinity to remind yourself of the virtues of your mission. Upon dealing damage with an attack, select a type of damage dealt by you or your allies during the last 24 hours. The damage type dealt by your attack is changed to the chosen type instead. Additionally, the attack deals extra damage of that type equal to double your proficiency bonus.

Echoes of the Past

7th-level Conservator devotion feature

7th level allows you to fully tap into the world that was. Your connection to the lost detaches your mind from the present and enables you to seek out remnants of a time long gone. You gain the following benefits:

  • You keenly remember all details of everything you perceive.
  • Your memory cannot be meddled with by either magical or non-magical means, unless you allow it.
  • While taking a short rest or long rest, you can enter a state of trance that allows you to see visions of events that occurred at your location. At the DM’s discretion, you receive specific information and details about past events that would otherwise have been unobtainable. For example, you might envision scenes of murder took place on the very bed you are sleeping in or you learn classified information about negotiations that have been concluded long ago while you are resting at the council hall.


15th-level Conservator devotion feature

Starting at 15th level, you can use a bonus action to revert your state of being to what it was at the end of your last turn. Any and all alterations in either hit points, temporary hit points or magicka, made since the end of your last turn, will be made undone.

Additionally, you learn teleport and can cast it without expending magicka. If you have seen a place at least once, the spell immediately succeeds.
You can use both features once before needing to finish a long rest.

Eidetic Delusion

20th-level Conservator devotion feature

At 20th level, every fiber in your body believes it is out of time. At will, you delve into the narrows of your mind, searching for those golden days that kept you going. You are restored as if you just finished a long rest, including hit points, magicka and features, except for this one. This effect lasts for 1 minute, after which you are reverted back to your original state and you suffer 1 point of exhaustion. You can only use this feature once before needing to finish a long rest.