CC:College of Beauty


[[File:Voice-bner.png|width="10%"|right|A bard from the College of Beauty]

College of Beauty

Ranging from artistry to romance, bards from the College of Beauty conquer the world of Tamriel through manifesting their inner ideals. Admirers of beauty and those skilled in the appreciation of aesthetics use their talents to bring to life the fantastic. Well-known painters and sculptors hail from this college, as well as those that are apt at enthralling those around them. These bards shape their battles through their craft and charm friends and foes alike. Through guile or sheer overpowerment, the College of Beauty commands fascination.

College of Beauty Features
Level Feature
3rd Stunning Looks, Alluring Abilities
6th Enthralling Beauty, Dropped Defenses
14th Irresistible

Stunning Looks

3rd-level College of Beauty Feature

You are very skilled at drawing attention from enemies. Starting at 3rd level, as a bonus action, you can expend a bardic inspiration die to distract a number of enemies equal to your Personality modifier that can see and hear you. The targets must succeed on a Willpower saving throw against your spell save DC or receive disadvantage on all attack rolls and Willpower (perception) rolls until the start of your next turn.

Alluring Abilities

3rd-level College of Beauty Feature

From 3rd level onwards, you gain more sway over others and you gain proficiency in Personality (persuasion) checks. If you already are proficient in this skill, you gain expertise instead. Additionally, you may select two types of artisan’s tools. Whenever you roll a 9 or lower on any check that involves either of the selected tools, treat the roll as if it were a 10 instead.

Enthralling Beauty

6th-level College of Beauty Feature

At 6th level you have become very skilled at the art of mesmerizing others through the beauty you command. Whenever you cast an Illusion spell, you may expend one bardic inspiration dice and add half the rolled total (rounded down) to your spell save DC.

Dropped Defenses

6th-level College of Beauty Feature

Also at 6th level, you are able to make a target creature temporarily lower its defenses. As an action, you flaunt your beguiling charms to a creature that can see and hear you. The target must succeed on a Willpower saving throw or be charmed by you and have its Armor Class reduced by a number equal to your proficiency bonus. Additionally, on a failed saving throw, you learn the creature’s resistances and may select one. The target creature will lose the selected resistance. The effects of this feature will end after one minute or if you become incapacitated.

When you use this feature, you can’t do so again until you finish a long rest.


14th-level College of Beauty Feature

At 14th level, the art you bring into the world is enough to get attention from even the most disciplined stoics. By actively enthralling a creature that can see and hear you, you cause it to drop its guard. As a reaction, you can have a target automatically fail a saving throw or cancel an target’s legendary resistances until the start of their next turn. You can only use this feature once per long rest.