BoS:Bestiary of Summerset

A Gryphon flies over the beautiful island of Summerset


Summerset is home to many dangerous and amazing beasts. Within this bestiary, you will find 17 creatures suitable for your Elder Scrolls campaign. Each creature comes with information that is known about them. Whether rumor or fact, you will find out different details, like who they are, where they live, and what makes them unique. As with many tales from Tamriel, the information within may come from an unreliable narrator. How these creatures really are may surprise you at your table.

Some of these monsters, like the Sload, are iconic to the Elder Scrolls, and have been part of the world since some of the earliest editions. Others, such as the Yaghra and the Indrik, are relatively new, as we discovered Summerset together in Elder Scrolls Online for the first time.

This book reads as though it was a part of the Monster Manual and adopts a similar presentation. If you are unfamiliar with the monster stat block format, read the introduction of the Monster Manual before proceeding further. It explains stat block terminology, and gives rules for various monster traits—information that isn’t repeated here.

This book attempts to capture the essence of each creature and focus on those traits that make it unique. Nothing said here is intended to curtail your creativity.

The creatures in this bestiary are organized alphabetically. A few are grouped under a banner heading; for example the “Yaghra” section contains stat blocks for various kinds of Yaghra, including striders and monstrosities. The back of the book gathers a handful of simple beasts that don’t warrant longer entries, but are still a part of Summerset and can be customized to serve your campaign.