BR:School of Destruction

A mage swirls fire around her

School of Destruction

Mages of the School of Destruction express their magical power in a form that involves the harnessing of the natural elemental energies.

Critics see destruction magic as crude and simplistic, whereas those who embrace the study of harnessing the destructive potential of magicka see their work as practical.

School of Destruction Features
Level Feature
2nd Destruction Prodigy, Elemental Mastery
6th Inescapable Destruction
10th Empowered Destruction
14th Improved Elemental Mastery

Destruction Prodigy

Beginning when you select this school at 2nd level, the gold and time you must spend to learn a destruction spell is halved.

Elemental Mastery

At level 2, you choose one type of element to have exceptional power over.


You prefer the cold of elemental frost, freezing your enemies in their tracks. Whenever a creature takes cold damage from a spell that you cast, the target's speed is also reduced by 15 feet until the end of your next turn. If the spell already reduces the target's speed, use whichever reduction is greater.

When you reach 11th level, you reduce the target's speed by 20 feet.


You are a natural with electricity, blasting your enemies with lightning. Each time you attack a creature with a spell that deals lightning or thunder damage, the target's magicka points are also reduced by 1d4.

When you reach 11th level, you reduce the target's magicka by 1d6.


You have a gift for wielding fire, and you use it to burn your enemies to cinders.

When you cast a spell that deals fire damage, you can reroll the lowest damage die. If the new roll is higher than the original, use it when calculating the damage.

When you reach 11th level, you can reroll the lowest 2 damage rolls.


You are most comfortable around deadly poisons, and can use it to disintegrate your enemies armor.

The first time you deal acid or poison damage to a target, you reduce their AC by 1.

When you reach 11th level, the first time you deal acid or poison damage to a target, you reduce their AC by 2.

This benefit has no effect on magical or natural armor.

Inescapable Destruction

Starting at 6th level, the Mage's ability to channel elemental energy becomes more potent. Any damage dealt by your Elemental Mastery ignores any resistance to that same elemental damage.

Empowered Destruction

Beginning at 10th level, you can add your Intelligence modifier to the damage roll of any destruction spell you cast.

Improved Elemental Mastery

At 14th level, you choose an additional Elemental Mastery. You can not choose the same mastery twice.