Playtest Material

This class is currently being previewed for the next update of the Basic Rules.

A Breton healer offer her restoration expertise


Healers are spellcasters who swear solemn vows to heal the afflicted and cure the diseased. When threatened, they defend themselves with reason and disabling attacks and magic, relying on deadly force only in extremity.

Harnessing powerful magic, Healers control a form of restorative potential far beyond the scope of most clerics and priests. This intense effectiveness comes from years of study, a passion for benevolence, and perhaps blessed by the divines.

Potential deities that would call you to this divine work might include Almalexia, Arkay, Mara, Meridia, or Phynaster.

Healer Features
Level Feature
1st Calling Spells, Restoring Light
2nd Channel Divinity: Panacea
6th Superior Restoration
8th Potent Cantrip
17th Echoing Light

Calling Spells

1st-level Healer Calling feature

You gain calling spells at the priest levels listed in the Healer Calling Spells table. See the Divine Calling class feature for how calling spells work.

Healer Calling Spells
Level Spells
1st bless, cure wounds
3rd aid, lesser restoration
5th beacon of hope, revivify
7th death ward, freedom of movement
9th mass cure wounds, raise dead

Restoring Light

1st-level Healer Calling feature

You gain the ability to channel divine energy to heal wounds. You have a pool of d6s that you spend to fuel this healing. The number of dice in the pool equals 1 + half your priest level (rounded down).

As a bonus action, you can heal one creature you can see within 30 feet of you, spending dice from the pool. The maximum number of dice you can spend at once equals your Willpower modifier (minimum of one die). Roll the dice expended and add them together. You restore a number of hit points equal to the total.

Your pool regains all expended dice when you finish a long rest.

Channel Divinity: Panacea

2nd-level Healer Calling feature

You can use your Channel Divinity to provide soothing relief to cure nearly any ailment. As an action, you radiate with healing energy. Each creature within 15 feet of you gains the benefits of one of the following effects of your choice:

Revitalizing Boost. An unconscious creature with 0 hit points regains consciousness with 1 hit point.

Soothing Grace. You end either one disease or one condition from the creature. The condition can be blinded, burning, chilled, dazed, deafened, paralyzed, or poisoned.

Superior Restoration

6th-level Healer Calling feature

Your superior knowledge in the healing arts allows you to cast powerful spells with little effort. Choose one spell that you can cast of 1st level or higher from your priest spell list or your Healer calling spells. You always have this spell prepared, and it doesn’t count against your number of spells prepared. When you cast this spell at any spell level you can cast, you can choose to do so without expending any magicka points. Once you’ve cast the spell in this way, you can’t do so again until you finish a long rest.

Each time you gain a level in this class, you can replace this spell with another spell from either the priest spell list or your Healer Calling spells.

Potent Cantrip

8th-level Healer Calling feature

You add your Willpower modifier to the damage you deal with any priest cantrip.

Echoing Light

17th-level Healer Calling feature

When you use your Restoring Light feature to restore a creature’s hit points, a second creature of your choice within 15 feet of the original target restores an amount of hit points equal to half the amount rolled.