An Imperial Dragonknight unleashes their draconic fury.


Dragonknights are skillful masters-at-arms that use the ancient Akaviri martial arts tradition of battle-spirit, and wield fearsome magic that pounds, shatters and physically alters the world around them.

Surrendering in service to Emperor Reman, the elite Akaviri under his command eventually became the Dragonguard, acting as the personal honor guard of the Reman Dynasty. While protecting the Remans, the Dragonguard were said to have been using powers and magic learned directly from the Dragons, native arts in their homeland of Akavir.

After the assassination of Reman Cyrodiil III, however, the Dragonguard was officially disbanded out of shame until Versidue-Shaie reinstated them, this time serving as secret intelligence rather than an honor guard directly, losing their capacity for Dragon magic. Even so, a former Grandmaster of the Dragonguard made sure that this martial art survived into the Second Era, and instructed his disciples to teach this art and spread it themselves. The disciples came to be known as the Dragonknights, masters of magic mirroring that of Dragons.

Dragonknight Features
Level Feature
3rd Bonus Proficiency, Imbue Defense
6th Dragon Blood
14th Draconic Haste
20th Reflective Scales

Bonus Proficiency

3rd-level Dragonknight feature

You gain proficiency with heavy armor.

Imbue Defense

3rd-level Dragonknight feature

You can use your Imbue Magic feature to invoke powerful magic within your armor instead of your weapon. You learn the following Draconic Imbuement.

Draconic Imbuement

Spiked Armor. While wearing armor, as a bonus action, you summon draconic spikes, which sprout from your armor for up to 8 hours, until you use a bonus action to dismiss them, or until you fall unconscious. While your spikes are manifested, you can use a bonus action to make one melee weapon attack with your armor spikes against a target within 5 feet of you. If the attack hits, the spikes deal 1d4 piercing damage. You use your Strength modifier for the attack and damage rolls.

Additionally, when you use the Attack action to grapple a creature, the target takes 3 piercing damage if your grapple succeeds. A grappled creature takes this damage again at the start of each of your turns.

When you reach 14th level, you can use a bonus action to imbue a set of armor with the energy of a known Arcane Imbuement or Elemental Imbuement for up to 8 hours. While active, you gain resistance to all attacks made against you with this type of damage. Your enchantment ends if you remove your armor or if you fall unconscious.

If you use this ability to imbue the same armor again, your current enchantment is replaced by the new enchantment.

Dragon Blood

6th-level Dragonknight feature

When you cast a spell of 1st-level or higher that deals fire damage, you can cause your draconic blood to radiate with ancient healing energy, allowing your allies to fight past their injuries. Three creatures of your choice, which can include yourself, within 30 feet of you regain hit points equal to half your spellsword level (rounded down).

You can use this feature a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus. You regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.

Draconic Haste

14th-level Dragonknight feature

When you use your action to cast a cantrip, you can make two weapon attacks as a bonus action, instead of once as granted by your Spell Weaving feature.

Reflective Scales

20th-level Dragonknight feature

When you are hit by an attack, you can use a reaction to harden your skin to become like that of dragon's scales, and reduce the damage you receive by the number you roll on your Imbue Magic die + your Endurance modifier.