Below are some of the unofficial adventures created for tabletop gameplay; all of which were fan creations from the UESTRPG Discord. The adventurers are presented by alphabetical order of its title.

A Beacon in the Dark

6th-level. Prevent a malicious threat from corrupting Meridia's Beacon inside an Ayleid ruin.

A Different Blue God

1st-level. Investigate a series of bizarre robberies along the Gold Road.

Daedric Desires

4th-level. Uncover the truth behind a botched Fighters Guild contract on a Dagonic cult in the ruins of Trumbe.

Exile's Barrow

4th-level. Help Narsis Dren to explore and survive the perils of an ancient Nordic tomb.

Reason for Robbery

5th-level. Liberate Anvil from the Thalmor by planning and executing a daring heist on their embassy vault.

Such is Fair

3rd-level. Help the Imperial Legion investigate a number of disappearances around the Gold Coast Trading Company's grand marketplace in Fort Sutch.

The Secret of Wickwing Farm

5th-level. Rescue the daughter of a mage, and discover the dark secret of the abandoned and mysterious Wickwing farm.

The Songwar

Any level. Partake in the festivities surrounding the famous entertainer's competition and take home the prize.